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As Piores Catástrofes da História – Vulcões Assassinos 1/4

Este programa explora os vulcões ao redor do mundo, da Itália à Indonésia, da Islândia à América do Norte. Ele examina erupções antigas e discute a probabilidade de novos eventos.
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Minecraft: Top 5 Creations. Spaceships Ep.9 Click here to watch Top 5 Creations: Creative/Funny Way To Kill Yourself EP.8 Minecraft: Top 5 Creations. Spaceships Ep.9 Challenge ————— Next week is MTV Cribs(houses, mansions, living quarters, etc)! Make sure to get your submissions in before this following Wednesday(March 30). ————— Rules when sending emails: 1. Add a few pictures. 2. Add your world file or Multiplayer IP address. ( 3. Give me your youtube page link. ————— Submission’s E-mail: DIRECTOR’S CHANNEL: DIRECTOR’S TWITTER: DIRECTOR’S FACEBOOK: TOP 5 ————— Number 1 – elmo114 Number 2 – quinny070691 http Number 3 – aajrz12 Number 4 – ThexUnkn0wn Number 5 – sopranors —————- Music Used: Beach Bum Too Many UFOs by Lon Strickland AKA ALONZO: The Aliens Aren’t So Bad by Lon Strickland AKA ALONZO: Simple Conflict AKA ALONZO: by Lon Strickland AKA ALONZO: Space Fighter Loop In Time by Lon Strickland AKA ALONZO: Itty Bitty 8 Bit —————- This video will show you: How to make Machinima How to make movies with video games How to build in Minecraft How to kill yourself in Minecraft How to commit suicide in Minecraft How to build a spaceship in Minecraft
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Rafa’s RCT3 – Terror House!!!!!!

Isn’t so scary, but is my first ghost train, and the custom scenery are here: you need: JCat’s Scream Worx DRP Tubes DRP Lights MNM_Dark Ride The Cook_Doors Eletigna Dark Ride Elements Pumper – Dark Ride Set Vodhin’s Ghoolish Goodies [JSC]Hellish Stuf [JSC]Animated Lava Imagineer John’s Animated Dark Ride- Tubes & Pirces JCat’s Space Worx Please rate and coment – Thanks!!! ENJOY———— Não é muito assustador mas é o meu primeiro trem fantasma, os novos cenários estão aqui: você precisa: JCat’s Scream Worx DRP Tubes DRP Lights MNM_Dark Ride The Cook_Doors Eletigna Dark Ride Elements Pumper – Dark Ride Set Vodhin’s Ghoolish Goodies [JSC]Hellish Stuf [JSC]Animated Lava Imagineer John’s Animated Dark Ride- Tubes & Pirces JCat’s Space Worx Por favor avalie e comente – Obrigado! APROVEITE—————-
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The Residents en el Lunario

15 de marzo de 2011 ( a través de ) acá la nota http

real aliens caught on camera

this is real no fake 009 sound system music you can get their music from audio-swap or buy it from iTunes
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The West Lothian Question, Part 3

The only UFO encounter ever to have a full police forensic crime scene investigation: scary, discover what really happened out there!”
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Profecias Maia 2012 – Canal Infinito – Nova consciência PARTE 1

saiba mais
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The White Witch

A documentary about the haunting of the Rosehill Cemetary in Antioch, Ca.

Tiny Toons ep Night Ghoulery PT 4

“Tiny Toons Night Ghoulery” A one-hour special parodying various Halloween movies and stories: Introduction: A parody of “The Nightmare Before Christmas” starring Pumpkin Guy. The Tell-Tale Vacuum: Plucky expresses a phobia towards Hamton’s Vacuum cleaner and proceeds to destroy it, deeply regretting it afterwards. Sneezer The Sneezing Ghost: Witch Hazel demands Furrball catch the Sneezing Ghost, but Furrball liquidates himself. On The Moors: The locals on the moors are scared by the presence of the Demon Dog, which Babs has never heard of. Fuel: Calamity repeatedly gets run over by a fuel truck, driven by Little Beeper. Daniel Webfoot: Daniel Webfoot heads to Montana Max’s mansion to confront Satan and bring judgement to Monty, but his plan backfires. Hold That Duck: Plucky and Buster head to Horsehead Manor, Plucky inherited from his Uncle Mortimer. Plucky keeps seeing nasty creatures, while Buster notices nothing. Night Of The Living Dull: The Wackyland Gang is pursued by dealers and advertisers. Frankenmyra & Dizzigor: Frankenmyra has brought the materials to create her very own cuddly pet. She activates the abomination, which makes a pet out of Frankenmyra in her style. A Gremlin On A Wing: During a flight, Plucky spots a Gremlin sabotaging the plane’s wing and engine and barely manages to prevent the plane getting destroyed.


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