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Golgo 13 – 15 – Eva Heads Toward the Ocean

Now Available from Anime Network! Watch Full Episodes At: Episode Summary: On a luxury ocean liner, Golgo meets a beautiful woman. And the two passengers have more in common than it seems. But when a bomb is discovered on board, will their attraction have the chance to become explosive? Or deadly?

Ofra Haza – The Prince of Egypt film clip – Deliver us

Sung by the late Israeli singer Ofra haza. Haza sang the song “Deliver Us” in 17 languages (including Czech — “Tak vyveď nás”, Dutch — “Verlos ons, Heer”, English — “Deliver Us”, Finnish — “Johdata”, French — “Délivre nous”, German — “Erlöse uns”, Greek — “Eleftheri”, Hebrew — “Hoshia Na”, Hungarian — “Szabadíts”, Italian — “Ascoltaci”, Norwegian — “Befri Oss”, Polish — “Uwolnij Nas”, Portuguese — “Liberte Nos”, Spanish — “Libranos”, Swedish — “Befria Oss”; about half of these were sung phonetically). Lyrics: [Egyptian Guards] Mud…Sand…Water…Straw…Faster! Mud…And lift…Sand…And Pull Water…And raise up…Straw…Faster! [Slaves] With the sting of the whip on my shoulder With the salt of my sweat on my brow Elohim, God on high Can you hear your people cry: Help us now This dark hour… Deliver us Hear our call Deliver us Lord of all Remember us, here in this burning sand Deliver us There’s a land you promised us Deliver us to the promised land… [Yocheved] Yal-di ha-tov veh ha-rach (My good and tender son) Al ti-ra veh al tif-chad (Don’t be frightened and don’t be scared) My son, I have nothing I can give But this chance that you may live I pray we’ll meet again If He will deliver us [Slaves] Deliver us Hear our prayer Deliver us From despair These years of slavery grow too cruel to stand Deliver us There’s a land you promised us Deliver us Out of bondage and Deliver us to the promised land… [Yocheved] Hush now, my baby Be still, love, don’t cry Sleep as

Golgo 13 – 3 – The Masterpiece Assault Rifle

Now Available from Anime Network! Watch Full Episodes At: Episode Summary: When a new, powerful rifle is developed, the weapon poses new dangers for everyone. Now it’s up to Golgo to venture into the desert testing range and take out the murderous brothers who are testing the weapon, and kill the man who designed it so he won’t create another.


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This is part 2 of the Orbphasm video. In this one a spirit identifies himself to me by telling me his name.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

paranornormal activity first night

it was really scary..!..leave a coment tew cee how scary was it
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movies with underwater content 8

0.00 to 0.31 ghost whisperer the gravesitter 0.31 to 1.30 confrontation 1.30 to 4.01 short canadian movie air 4.01 to 5.33 wild women of womgo 5.33 to 6.26 unknow title 6.26 to 7.35 unknow title 7.35 to 8.20 unknow title 8.20 to 8.24 unknow title 8.24 to 9.30 terminator the sarah connor croniques episode the last voyage of jimy carter 9.30 to the end against all odds

Kay Starr – Riders In The Sky – 1959

Vaughn Monroe had the big hit for this song in 1949.

Neon Trees “Your Surrender” Official Video Contest

Neon Trees “Your Surrender” Official Video Contest Enter here: – Submit your video responses by Clicking in the comment section box below, followed by the video icon on the right of the box – Make sure to tag the video with these keywords: Neon Trees, Your Surrender, Habits, Official, Video Contest – Tell all your friends to watch your video, We will be watching all of them, but the videos with the most views get ranked to the top!
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MHN – Debenhams – Hull – 03-06-11 This video clip is of us on our ghost hunt in Debenhams department store, Hull. Viking 96.9FM’s Paul Fosters Breakfast Show Ghost Hunters(some production staff and some listeners) joined us for a very paranormal active night. At 3:18 into the video something passes close in front of the camera from left to right at speed, all we know is it was none of us, as you see in the video we’re all stood shoulder to shoulder in a very confined space and would have felt and heard if it was one of us, but it would be impossible to move at speed like that without bumping into someone and making a noise. Thank you to the eagle eyed Twitterer that spotted it, extra sets of eyes are always useful to review evidence. We apologise for any swearing and screaming in this video it’s Viking 96.9 FM’s Ghost Hunters not MHN as we’re relatively use to things that go bump in the night, apart from our Spooky it seems LOL. See our website for more information or contact “Spooky Steve” via 07932 065304 or email him at MHN would like to thank the guests in this video for allowing us to film their experience to share with YouTube viewers and viewers of the MHN website. Viking 96.9 FM’s own website:- Debenhams’s own website:-

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