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PRANK WARS ep. 5 part 1 (shaving cream bonanza)

some fun pranks involving the classic shaving cream! part 1 of 2
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How to Shuffle

My Website: My Mobile Website My Hacks and Pranks Website

Question The World: TJs Controversial Answers

In this video Tyler asked Tj questions about possibly controversial topics. The definition of controversial is “Giving rise or likely to give rise to public disagreement.” We hope to spark debate among our audience so please send comments, like our video, and subscribe because their is more where that came from. Also we are open to suggestions for any future videos from our audience. Thanks!
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camp pranks

the rocky mountain high guides practice for an upcoming mission
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How to prank call (free) on Skype

Number you need to dail +18004664411

Random: Football Superbowl Talk Plus New Channel Information

WATCH TILL THE END. IT’S HILARIOUS! In this video, Tyler talks about some changes to our channel. New App, banana orgy rage!, and a new advertisement proposition for other channels. Every week we will advertise in one of our videos the person or group who gives the best constructive criticism. In this advertisement we will tell what we liked about the video, possibly show a short clip, and provide a link in the video and in the description to the channel. HAPPY YOUTUBING!
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Lost Planet – Mission 03 – Part 1/3

Guide for Normal Difficult Setting. Full Lost Planet Video Walkthrough and many more can be found here:
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The Prank on Andy Part 1

Me, and my friend Eligh go to prank our friend and nieghbor Andy in his dorm room…….But we get pranked on ourselfs! Check it out!
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Stripper Assistant – Carmen’s Prank Call

Stripper Assistant from Carmen’s Prank Call. Wild 94.9

Prank Gone Extremely Wrong

this prank went to far

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