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Office Prank Texas A&M Jello Football

Office prank where we Jello a valuable Texas A&M Football (yes, we realize this is an oxymoron)
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PRRANKED! – Guy needs a shower, I have a bucket of water.

More PRRANKED! – Videos coming, only that people don’t fall for it. . .haha jk. Yes they do. ♥SUBSCRIBE♥PLEASE♥ADD♥ON♥FACEBOOK♥ ;;;

Cool Google prank!

These are 2 cool google pranks you can pull on your family and friends…:-)
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Trash Can Prank

Great prank idea, hide in an empty trash can while your friend is bringing the trash out, then give them the scare of their life.
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Konjam Arattai Konjam Settai (17/01/2012)

Watch a light-hearted, funny show which makes fun of things that we take for granted in this episode of Konjam Arattai Konjam Settai.

Pizza man delivery prank #1

Our first video is up

Prank Call – College Fees

Another Gotcha Call done by Wippa From Em & Wippas Perth Breakfast Radio show on 92.9. He Pretends to be the head person from a certain college telling a father who’s daughter is attending the College that the fees are being raised… to pay for some interesting things. PLEASE NOTE: I in no way own these gotcha calls, all credit goes to Wippa from 92.9 :) I just wanted to upload these so everyone else who either doesn’t listen to the radio or doesn’t download podcasts can listen to these on the internet.

House Guest Prank #2

OK, as I told you in the last vid, I got a friend crashing in the pad. Its all cool but, he falls asleep on the couch and snores like a donkey. The other night I pranked him and told him I was going to prank him with shaving cream the next time. He said “it will never happen my friend”. Well I am always right and he is always wrong, so here it is. I put shaving cream on his hand and tickle his face. It doesn’t work until I repeat 3 times and he takes a face full of shaving cream. This is so funny and I could not stop laughing! Enjoy, shot in Nightshot….
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Nasty Computer Prank

a prank to pull on your friends or enemies! Makes a windows computer shutdown right when they log on!
Video Rating: 3 / 5

Very Patient Cat

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