The Gender War (Könskriget), pt1 [6/6] English subs (click CC)

The Gender War is a two hour documentary by journalist Evin Rubar, about radical feminism and its influence on Swedish politics. This is part 1 [6/6], subtitled by figaropravda. Original file available here:
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  • 4andronicus:

    Our western society is sick.
    – Male suicide rate = roughly 3 times that of women world wide.
    – Men are roughly 8 times more likely to kill themselves on the first attempt.
    – Google “men’s support group” = approximately 61 million results
    – Gooble “women’s support group” = approximately 434 million results

    We should be saying that this is not acceptable but we are accepting nonetheless because men judge themselves on how well they contain emotional and physical pain.

  • Murmillo1:

    Sweden in some kind is the opposite problem compared to the US.

    The US is too social right and Sweden too social left.

  • gabiotta:

    Any group of absolutist thinkers suffers from this kind of thought system feedback. Each member is going to suffer negative responses if they propose weaker ideas and receive positive responses if they become more extreme.

    Because of this, we at the East Sussex Male Resolution of the Feminist Conundrum Society have decided the only answer is to burn them all like the fucking witches they are.

  • sofiacapel:

    “sjuka pedofiler”? är pedofili en sjukdom? trodde det var en läggning

  • gir908922:

    These bitches are crazy! Kudos to Evin Rubar for exposing these psychos. They are nothing more than a female version of the “Good Ole Boys” here in America, except more baseless and unproven conspiracies and the obsession with promoting fear of Satanism.

  • thebbeenn:

    Evin Rubar is an incredibly courageous woman and an excellent reporter. One of Sweden’t best. This documentary was aired on National TV.

    She blew the whistle on this entire organization, the politicians involved and set the debate in motion.

    If you look up ROKS website today, they’re under new leadership, and seem to be a lot more down to earth. No more talk about “men are all animals” or devil-worshipping etc.

  • funkybjorn11:

    What the f-ck has happened to Sweden?

  • luvkrafft:

    Such a closed circle of power-hungry people, afraid of any scrutiny.

    In fact, in order to avoid scrutiny they become evasive, defensive and, worst of all, turn their hatred onto men even more, in order to deflect attention.

    A sad lot.

  • ActaNonVerba71:

    Wow. what a bunch of psychos. Can you imagine pissing off the Surgeon General (USA) and getting told you won’t be getting any help if you show up at an emergency room? Feminist are evil psychos.

  • dubified89:

    One thing that’s fucked up is some of these women who ran the women’s shelter remind me of some of the female teachers I had in public school

  • DJBerber:

    Extremists of any kind = bad

    I’ve come across many radical feminists and the moment I disagree with their “all men are scum” stance they said I was brainwashed. I would argue that I’ve had respectful and kind friendships with many men where they didn’t ever have a sexual relationship with me, I was shocked that man hating had become so normal for so many women.

  • figaropravda:

    @onlynormalperson Look up “Knutby murder” on wikipedia for more info!

  • TheEllimor:

    @onlynormalperson Knutby is a Swedish town. I’m not sure if the church mentioned is THE Knutby church or just some bat-shit crazy church that picked a generic name.

  • stru81:

    A commonly shared conspiracy theory, isolation, segregation and thought reform.



  • SabreKitteh:

    @SabreKitteh And two more thoughts: 1) Gunilla Ekberg can go screw herself with a rusty nail for that bit about not getting any help at women’s shelters. 2) I’d almost be willing to bet that one of the “secular” groups was “goreans”, which could be described as male-supremacist scientologists.

  • SabreKitteh:

    I really hope that if Eva Lundgren gets killed by anyone, she gets whacked by a woman. Probably still posthumously blame the patriarchy somehow though.

  • dawkinsbeagle:

    The swedish model my ass!

  • onlynormalperson:

    What’s the Knutby church?

  • GameDevMonkey:

    Wow, that was a heck of an eye opener… I find it astounding if this film is accurate and it built a compelling case. I find it interesting that the police dropped their investigation, could be several reasons for that. In the end I’m really concerned that people with such hard line, wide scoped, uncompromising views are effectivly policy makers.

  • YeOldeHeretic:

    Those bitches are no different than the Good Ole’ Boys Club. Wow.

  • MistressArte:

    What song are they singing? Also they were the perpetrators of violence, if this happened in the US I really hope something would be done about it. If I ever see this happen the police will be the first people I call.

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