Cannabis Common Sense 573

The show that tells truth about marijuana & the politics behind its prohibition. Live call in show , Friday’s, 8-9PM Pacific Time, 503-288-4448
Video Rating: 5 / 5

4 Responses to “Cannabis Common Sense 573”

  • MIB205:

    im tired of all this its time to discuss weed shit stop discussing about discussing and just discuss about weed already so we can prove its useful and good and can legalize

  • punkrockdrummer1990:

    fun how the presenter says,….”here we have errr…..urghhhh…..uh?” pot head 😛

  • TerrierBram:

    De Verdamper is a good vaporiser. Simple, easy to clean, and delivers for sure.

  • bluegreen1138:

    I’d like to see the camera pan past the live studio audience or have seating around the band. Just my two cents. Another good show. Your guests are doing great work. Thanks go out to them and you for all the hard work you put in. Hemp will be restored.

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