How Does Acupuncture Work? by Santa Fe Acupuncturist Laurence Lisa Lebreton Acupuncture re-establishes the free flow of energy (qi) or prana and enables us to feel physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual relief from various forms of pain or disease, and makes us feel calm, centered, and blissful, thus in touch with our magnificence. Acupuncture is one form of TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine), an ancient medicine 6000 years old from the East. Acupuncture uses hair-thin needles to stimulate areas or points on the body which require care, balancing and harmonizing. A Doctor of Oriental Medicine may also use other modalities, such as auriculotherapy, cupping, moxa, tui-na, personalized nutrition, exercise, and stress management plans, herbology (Chinese and Ayurvedic Herbs) and aromatherapy with organic essential oils or flower essences.

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