Radical State

Abigail Esman on her book and Islamic extremism.

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  • muthemasphate:

    islam is no less or more progressive than all world religions which preach the message of self abandonment, christianity, judaism, islam, buddhism, all have had violence perpetrated in their name by those who misunderstand the deep message they portray which is to simply love, no matter how your provoked, your reward is death not life

  • Filthdrive:

    @tothboy01 fuck off u dumb kid, you dont know what ur talkin about now fuck off all religions are vile filth

  • tothboy01:

    Politically correct imbeciles with their disgusting coalition of Islamic extremists. It’s funny how liberals seem to be so supportive of women’s rights when it comes to abortion, but then they turn around and say that the most misogynistic religion on the planet today, Islam is a “religion of peace”. I’m sure that Islam has done much for the progression of women in society considering that sharia law in the Middle East and northern Africa continues to pour out stories of punishing rape victims.

  • tothboy01:

    Islam is vile filth.

  • sidebarr7:

    Get some dead pigs,Fly over the property where the mosque is being built and dump the pigs and blood,They will not build where defilement is. simple

  • warriorwoman534:

    Liar. I was in Jordan and read in the newspaper how a man strangled his sister w her scarf because she went out without it. Liar liar liar liar pig.

  • warriorwoman534:

    LW, u run the website Proud to Be a Muslim, and call nonbelievers pigs and dogs. Yr a thug. RK, u send porn links, yr an idiot. U 2 r the worst Islam has to offer.

  • ridwaan0knaan:

    fuck you you stupid bitch
    you dont know fuck all about islam
    go suck yourself you shit bitch

  • landwarrior82:

    It does not happen anywhere that parents kill daughter because she removes her scarf. She is just trying to cheaply sell her book…Bitch

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