Star Island, Miami Beach

A quick tour of the back side of the Rich and Famous homes on Star Island, Miami Beach. First off you’ll see Gloria and Emilio Estafan’s home comprised of 2 lots; one of the homes on the lot is actually a recording studio. Soon after that you’ll see a yellow 2 story house that used to belong to Shaq. He was selling that house for 24M, but dropped it down to a basement bargain price of 18M. We whisk you around to Phillip Frost’s beautiful home, the largest of the homes on this prestigious island. Mr. Frost made his money in the pharmaceuticals owning IVAX, the largest generic drug company. The last house on this island is P. Diddy’s home; you can’t see his house from the water but what you will see is a beautiful Tiki hut. His privacy wall and landscape is really well done and leaves much to the imagination.

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