Breaking: Casey Anthony Trial Recap Day 3 AM

For More News Please go to Casey Anthony’s eyes filled with tears today as her former boyfriend Tony Lazzaro described the young mom’s interactions with 2-year-old daughter Caylee whom Anthony is accused of murdering. “She was a great little girl,” Lazzaro said. Lazzaro, on the stand for a second day in Casey Anthony’s murder trial, said that Caylee could count in Spanish to 40 and loved Dora the Explorer. As Lazzaro described watching Casey Anthony and Caylee laugh and hug, Casey Anthony nodded and smiled. Casey Anthony, 25, faces a series of charges related to the disappearance and death of her daughter, Caylee, ranging from first degree murder to providing false information to law enforcement. She could face the death penalty if convicted of the most serious charge. Lazzaro not only described Anthony’s relationship with her child, but the close romantic relationship he and Anthony developed during June 2008 when Caylee was missing but authorities had not been alerted to her disappearance. Caylee was last seen alive June 16, 2008, the prosecution claims. Cindy Anthony, Casey Anthony’s mother, reported Caylee was missing in a 911 call on July 15, 2008.
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  • AEYE4anEYE:

    Dang! I wish my ex-husband would have used Jose Baez for his Divorce Attorney.
    I would have gotten all the money & he would have gotten all of the kids!

  • intrptr:

    BTW, did anyone else hear defense cross of Lee Anthony today ( 6-1-11 ) wherein he stated that George Anthony had an extra set of keys to Casey’s car? He had access to it all the time… why this she wouldn’t let me see in? If his suspicions were raised to such a level he could have blown the whistle on this whole thing right then and there. If he smelled an odor of human decay because of his police experience he would have been more alert, hmmmm?

  • moonbean15a:

    @elizabethgervasi I am surprised both Cindy and George can muster up the energy to come to court. They have to be drained mentally and physically. Your daughter is a pathological liar, she killed their g-child, then to top it off, she accuses her father AND her brother of molesting her, I think she really believes it in her sociapathic mind, after all she is so gorgeous, how could they resist. lol She looks like a spider monkey.

  • elizabethgervasi:

    If u listen to how Casey spoke to her mother and brother on the phone while in jail, u will see what a horrible bitch she truly is.

  • elizabethgervasi:

    Little funny time between us??? Your daughter says “here’s your fucking gas cans and u consider that a funny time between u and your daughter? Cassie was raise to be the SOCIOPATH that she is by both Cindy and George. This is the most dysfunctional family I have ever seen!!!!

  • peterpenny11:

    He didn’t know what to say at first. What does that mean?

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