Casey Anthony Case: What Clues Did Crime Scene Hold?

Dr. Michael Baden, Mark Furhman and Greta talk about the crime scene and what clues it could or could not hold.
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  • Ellier215:

    Doesn’t the Military have a truth serum? Can’t they use that on Casey? Or maybe it wouldn’t work because her psychosis is so severe?
    Ignoring your personal opinion of the case as well as your views on the death penalty , do guys think the death penalty is justifiable for a mentally ill person? If they can’t be punished, then couldn’t they live in jail for the rest of their life- the objective being, keeping isolated so they won’t harm anyone? Thoughts…

  • ImmortalUniverse:

    according to the meter reader who found the bag ,the area was under water a few weeks before he did the final search.

    i dont think ,raccoons like the water and swim:)

  • wgirl510:

    Whoops–my mistake raccoons do eat carrion.

  • wgirl510:

    I’m sorry but i don’t think a raccoon would eat a decomposing body. A raccoon will go in to a trash can looking for kitchen scraps that are still edible. Very few animals will eat a decomposing body or carrion.

  • anitsirhceener:

    she brings up a very good point about the wildlife…

    even if it was flooded, there are alligators in central florida…

  • lynnej1970:

    jesus christ the metre reader did not do this….

  • emeraldvenus:

    Remember, the defense team’s main job is to create reasonable doubt. To them, someone else did it, not their client. Most of us know Casey did it, but the prosecution will have to prove it. Let’s hope they can.

  • lulumariemissypu:

    as was reported meter reader called the first time officer went saw a rattlesnake backed off. couple days later called again another cop saw that prior cop had gone did’nt persue it. the third time they found it all in a matter of days. if meter reader did it why would he call the cops? a guilty murderer rarely calls the cops much less tells the truth… this is why alot of us know casey is guilty.

  • la7habibi:

    THERE IS SOMETHING that i dont understand, the girl when missing on june 9
    -on august the remains are found according to the reader meter, what makes is suspicious why did it take 3 phones calls from his behalf for the police to do something about it.

    also in december they made it official that her remains where found. something is fishy or they are not telling the truth….

  • nignog87:

    Casey wanted Caylee’s Bones DESTROYED. She put the Body there around June 18. Only water moved the Body around. Casey’s only Hope of getting away with this, was to not have a Body. (you know, with all tha Caylee sightings, and tips they were receiving) Destroying that evidence was her only hope. Now she can only hope that the needle’s not heading her way.

  • daytodaylife:

    Hey, can you send me the video too?

  • Queenieshereagain:

    Kronk’s job was to walk around the neighborhood, maybe he parked somewhere else, or maybe he’s a freaking liar. But, I sent you a video, and the guy that shot this (Mark) can answer your question better than I can girl! I think Kronk is full of shit. His story keeps changing and is getting more elaborate.

  • piszczeck:

    I’ve looked at the crime scene from the aerial view & street view many times, & I can’t find a spot where Kronk could have “parked in the shade” near the remains. There’s no shoulder on the road, the curb makes it impossible to pull onto the grass, all the police cars had to park right in the road when they recovered the remains & processed the crime scene. There’s no place that Kronk could have parked near the remains where they were visible from the road or where it was a short walk to pee.

  • piszczeck:

    I don’t think they’re trying to help the defense, because it’s obvious Casey’s guilty & there’s no doubt about that. I think they’re trying to find out if maybe the remains were found somewhere else first & then planted in this location by someone who was helping Casey.

  • Fogslifted:

    Here we go..FOX Noise achors now are gonna try to insert there bullshit doubt in the minds of the public. They’ll do whatever they can to help the defence to cause a stir. “Oh my it’s sooo wierd!” Lets just be clear right from the start..OJ did it!! lmao

    Freakin’ FOX….Jesus.

  • Queenieshereagain:

    Good question. Look at all the people who have their hands in the pot. Someone else..

  • forestskog:

    Like who? Boyfriend Tony Lazarro? Lee Anthony? I can’t believe that George or Cindy would accept a call “mom just killed my baby help me hide it so we can start this elaborate spectacle with police.” Lee or boyfriend possibly.

  • Queenieshereagain:

    God, I hope this trial starts and ends QUICK so that Micheal Baden and his bimbo wife Linda can make some bucks writing their books! You KNOW how desperate everyone is to make money off of this baby!

  • LeesSummitRealtor:

    Body was not there originally. Kronk was used as a pawn to set the stage for what was yet to come. 500k reward money tip off of location, he could not find it but thought if LE did then he is a rich hero, Kronk could come clean take a polygraph prove me wrong that no one tipped you off! Kronk could hold the key seek immunity come clean for baby! They wanted the remains to be bones to get rid of evidence. i also believe the tape was just another staging. LA and Casey A masterminds Lee Caley dad?

  • Queenieshereagain:

    Police sometimes use “stategies” to shift public thought to a different area, or to plant certain “ideas” in people’s minds. This is a technique that is used to make the killer, or killers think they are “off the hook”, to freely go on with their business and think they are not “suspect”. When the forensic report came back the media announced that “Casey acted alone” My money is on the idea that that is not the truth, and that there IS someone else involved, and that the police KNOW who it is.

  • adijaysgirl:

    why is Greta allowed to walk around in the area where Caylee’s remains were found yet the public is told that it is trespassing. how much did she pay ? not cool.

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