Casey Anthony: Document Dump 1/28/11

Added 1/31/11 @7:58 AM EST Brad Conway’s Interview With LE 10/3/10 Added 1/28/11 @12:41 PM EST The bone analysis of Caylee Anthony Computer evidence inventory document Property form of Texas EquuSearch Scan of note in Casey Anthony case FBI’s handwriting analysis of a note in the case Contact between Buchanan and Jose Baez and Cindy Anthony Research on Texas EquuSearch worker Laura Buchanan OCSO’s property form for Buchanan OCSO’s supplemental report Added 1/28/11 @12:26 PM EST Map shows Roy Kronk’s meter readings on the day Caylee was last seen. Added 1/28/11 @12:22 PM EST Cindy Anthony Interview August 1, 2008 THIS WAS RELEASED A LONG TIME AGO Part 1 Part 2 Kasper Jordan’s Controlled Phone Call To Laura Buchanan November 2, 2010 Added 11:40 AM EST Sylvia Hernandez – Internal Investigation Documents 612 pages Added 1/28/11 @11:33 AM EST Robyn Adams Prison Interview Part 1 Look for listen to start the recording. You will need Quick Time Player. Added 1/28/11 @11:18 AM EST Laura Buchanan’s Deposition with the State August 16, 2010 Added 1/28/11 @10:58 AM EST Transcript of Anne Pham interview on August 27, 2010 Added 1/28/11 @10:54 AM EST SLIDESHOW of Images: Texas Equusearch Photos Released
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17 Responses to “Casey Anthony: Document Dump 1/28/11”

  • gmcself:

    @509Fuzzypants you got THAT right!

  • sikofpolotix:

    @Sierra1947 thanks for the we know why jose has that complaint filed agasint em..he isnt gonna be an attny playing dirty pool..omg wait till Perry hears this..he is gonna SNAP!..sad to say but jose maybe KC’s ace in the hole for an appeal..

  • toronto8086:

    @gretaleejackson the apple doesnt fall to far from the tree,does it??

  • gretaleejackson:

    The only thing Casey didn’t inherit from her mother is remorse, as this is obviously the motivation for the absolute irrational and steadfast support of the daughter that accused both her husband and son of being incestuous sexual abusers. Deep down Cindy knows she has made an enormous contribution to the current circumstances and consequently feels she has to make up for something.

  • gretaleejackson:

    Cindy’s letters are one big pity party for herself, ‘I can’t remember when I last slept’ etc, peppered with subtle digs at Casey in non-direct comparisons of her to Caylee ‘She was the only PERFECT part of my life’ and not to mention the classic line ‘I need to be treated like a victim in all of this.’ Then glossed over with a superficial layer of cliched sentimentalities ‘My faith is getting stronger’ etc. Anyone still wondering where Casey gets it from?

  • tuberose1959:

    Cindy’s letters reveal how narcissistic she is, rambling on about getting hurt on a toy turtle, complaining that she doesn’t have her computer back yet – well, if casey would just admit what she did, i’m sure she could get it back soon. Casey went to sleep every night in Cindy’s bed (no nanny). LIES LIES LIES. And Cindy, the word “supposed” has a D at the end.

  • 509Fuzzypants:

    Cindy goes from looking for Caylee when Casey gets out, to cuddling with Casey on her bed and remembering Caylee together, to saying she IS 5 years old now to framing the death certificate, to cherishing the Spiderman shoes to saying the donated ones won’t fit her now, to never smudging the face and fingerprints off of the mirrors to throwing a Birthday party.
    This woman is reeling. Casey accomplished what she set out to do: she destroyed her Mother.
    The counceling sessions must be a trip. Wow

  • Sierra1947:

    @toronto8086 Your welcome.

  • Sierra1947:

    @marcymarie YOur welcome.

  • Sierra1947:

    @moonflower2345 Your welcome.

  • moonflower2345:

    thank you so much for the info !

  • marcymarie:

    Thanks again Sierra…..

  • toronto8086:

    Cindy is sickening.How long can she go on denying,take the blinders off,Geez!!!!

  • Sierra1947:

    @Kosm2000 The trial begins in May.

  • Kosm2000:

    I stopped following this case, is she still in trial??

  • HatRatt:

    The Shuretape inspection….uh….do we have a match? Sounds to me like it! But does the tape found on Caylee match the tape on the can and on the roll found at the Anthony house?

  • toronto8086:

    Here we go again,Thanx Patty,ttys

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