Casey Anthony: Prime News 1/28/11 Part 1

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  • groovylocks:

    @ThoreausRegret70 i don’t believe a word of it.

  • maridentha:

    @maridentha third-degree child neglect

  • maridentha:

    Prosecutors will have to make strong links for the jury between the circumstantial evidence and Anthony, if they are to succeed, said LeRoy Pernell, dean of the Florida A&M University College of Law in Orlando.

    “Failure to show exactly what is the cause of death is a challenge, but it’s not necessarily a fatal challenge,” Pernell said.

  • maridentha:

    Some outside experts said the lack of a cause of death could make it hard to get a first-degree murder conviction

    “If you can’t say how she died you’re kind of hamstrung on saying what the defendant’s intent was,” said David Hill, an Orlando criminal defense attorney. “What the state has going for them is the emotional, visceral appeal that the jury digs but if the jury is doing their job, and the defense attorneys are doing their jobs, I would predict a conviction on the third-degree

  • ThoreausRegret70:

    Amazing, sexual abuse, right when she needs it for sympathy from jurors. Leaked it to her jail pal knowing it would come out.

  • Pipkin50:

    Robyn was quick to deny intimacy—however, the content of one of Casey’s “letters” to “Cookie” strongly suggests they became “lovers”. Notice she told the cops that casey is “charming”.

  • toronto8086:

    lots have been abused AND have not killed their child Freedom and Parties is why she did it.

  • BELTED007:

    Patty the only the I ask that you keep up to date with after the trail is the Breakup and divkorce of Cindy and George so we can all relish and gloat over it!… HEEHEE Bad girl Belted! BAHAHAHA!

  • allayna82:

    Sierra and openwindow, I also don’t think Casey will get the death penalty. I don’t even think she’ll get life without parole.

  • allayna82:

    This Robyn girl is old news. We already know Casey and Robyn were writing each other. The only thing new I just heard is how they 1st starting communicating with their hand gestures. Thanks for the update though you’re the best when it comes to Casey updates. =)

  • openwindow2010:

    speculation of course, but I could easily see that Casey was molested because her dad and her father both are intimidated by Casey.
    what gave her that power?
    Logic woud say “guilt and fear of exposure” so they tip toe on egg shells around the molested princess.

  • openwindow2010:

    Sierra, I”m with you, I wonder if I will be alive if there are appeals.
    I aLSO do not think
    Casey will get the DP.
    yet in the back of my mind I remember Darlie Routier who is on DR in Texas.
    They gave her the DP and it seems to me there is less proof of her guilt than Caseys (i will have to see at trial)
    beautiful mothers who claim to be loving to their children by family and friends
    DO and CAN get the DP.

  • Sierra1947:

    @JusticePetitioner I know one thing for SURE, that once the trial is over and the sentence is handed down and perhaps the day of shows of what happened at the sentence, then I will no longer post another video about this case. I am so DONE! Well, maybe if Casey gets the DP, I will covered that day of her execution, IF I am still alive at that point of the execution. Although I have always felt Casey would never get the DP.

  • JusticePetitioner:

    This whole case is getting old. Guilty already!
    Lets get documents in front of a judge and jury and get this case going!!
    May cant come quick enough..
    Then itll probably be many more months before the trial is over.

    To all involved in dragging this on.
    Caylee deserves SO MUCH more than this!!

  • Winterfairy777:

    it is getting old…every time someone does something it is said ” oh a family member had sex with me that is why i am such a terrible person now..they are at fault not me “.

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