Casey Anthony Sentencing July 7, 2011 – Receives jail time, but likely out soon

Update: A Florida judge on Thursday sentenced Casey Anthony to four years in jail for lying to police after her daughter disappeared, but she will be released from custody on July 17 after getting credit for time served and good behavior. Anthony, 25, will be let out of jail four days later than was previously announced after her release date was recalculated, court spokeswoman Karen Levey said. Court officials had earlier said Anthony would be released from jail on July 13, having received credit for the 1043 days she spent behind bars since her arrest. Anthony was acquitted on Tuesday of killing her 2-year-old daughter Caylee in 2008 but on Thursday received the toughest possible punishment for providing false information to law enforcement during the investigation. Each of the four misdemeanor counts Casey Anthony was convicted of carried a maximum of one year in jail. Judge Belvin Perry ordered the one-year terms to run consecutively, and also imposed a 00 fine for each count.

12 Responses to “Casey Anthony Sentencing July 7, 2011 – Receives jail time, but likely out soon”

  • Requiim:

    points is there just wasn’t enough proof. In the end you cant escape the final judge. He will not sentence you “not guilty”

  • poketLWEWT:

    @CadicusTheDamned I couldn’t agree more.

  • CadicusTheDamned:

    On July 17th, a young lady will start a new life after being hounded by a judge and a Prosecutor with the help of Nancy Grace and Jane Mitchell for 3 years. Now, she will walk out into the arms of a sweet book deal followed by movie rights and start gathering in the millions of dollars that nobody seems to mind that Nancy and Jane gather in just for flopping their lips.
    Nothing left but the good life for Casey now. You go girl. The more you enjoy the money the more heartburn the haters have.

  • kobidobidog:

    The court´╗┐ system is a power game with humans in an attempt too make a many leveled hierarchy of humans with the appearance of different levels, and we are all on one level with God who made all, and humans who take life will be in opposition to a God that gives life. We should judge ourselves,and have God, and then judge the heart which harms no man or woman. Humans act as if God never hears what we say or sees what we do, but sees Jesus in us having life or the devil in us having death in us.

  • kobidobidog:

    Law enforcement, Jesus does not enforce us to follow the law of love, and forgiveness, the other guy does that. Knowing this who must be behind the legal system? The judge himself has a count against him because his body is not immortal with no sin, and to ignore that, and put a count on anyone is going to boomerang back on the thrower of whatever count they give inflicting damage to the soul of the thrower. This is what makes the legal system-mans wisdom foolish to God. Repenting suggested.

  • TheMcR619:

    And next week will be the last week of this Psycho killer’s life…..JUSTICE WILL BE DONE TO OUR DEAR CAYLEE ……RIP little Angel…lots of luv

  • folliebisou:

    someone should stand out and seek justice and make the responsible pay for it…caley is the image of all those little ones that are so indefense to protect themselves and are abused, sexually, verbally, are beaten, mistreated, not well taken care of, if baez believes she is innocent he should and must seek justice for caley…what she said to barbra walters made me sick…justice was served for casey and caley, caley did not want her mom to die, and who wanted caley be thrown like trash??

  • ladybluluv:

    I can’t stand seeing her all smug and smiling. Makes me sick to my stomach.

  • Mahadonna:

    life goes on!!! god will deal with her!

  • paulechaplin:

    For those who care, go to change. Org Caylees Law and sign up! If passed it will be a felony if parents don’t report if something happens to child.., thx for ur support!!

  • paulechaplin:

    She doesn’t deserve any peace!!! Even if it was accident , she bagged her baby like rubbish and threw her away for the animals to eat and tear apart!!! She then went on having good time!! Now she will get rich off her poor little girls death :(

  • max1news2:

    She will be out in weeks. I hope the controlled media like (HLN) leaves her alone

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