Casey Anthony Trial ~ Anthony Jury sees Duct Tape from scene 6 11 11

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  • TyeDye07:

    Black = Guilty. White = Not Guilty ?? shits LAME NO 1 in Orlando Florida Kidnaps, Duck Tapes, Kills, Then Bury little Kids WTF… i Bet Youll Never Hear FRom This “”KiLLER”” AGAiN who SO CALLED KiLLED CAylee… SHE GuiLTY i HOPE SOMEBODY EXECUTE THAT BiTCH KiLLED HER OWN DAuGHTER JUST SO SHE CAN HOE ARound ANd Get Paid on Those NAKED WEBCAM SiTES. STUPiD B!TCH!!!!

  • TheFryingpanofdoom:

    baby killin bitch.. but she hot as a motherufcker

  • MandyBooVLDarkMoon:

    Casey ur a BABY Killer!!!!!!! ur awful person hope yo ass die!!!! very soon

  • mondiablue:

    Yeah and the Nancy Grace sheep think Caylee was found with duct tape stuck to her mouth and nose when she wasn’t.

  • jorge10928:

    @p71280 Whether or not she gets the death penalty, she will still end up dead in prison. People who abuse children in any sort of way don’t have good lives in prison. They are prone to more violent attacks. I was watching the news the other day and they said that she would more than likely get beaten on the first day of her prison sentence. I just hope she gets what she deserves. A life of misery behind bars sounds better than giving her an instant death. It’s just too easy of a punishment.

  • p71280:

    THE ELECTRIC CHAIR !!! Execute that baby killing bitch, maybe other mothers will think twice before killing a kid..

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