Casey Anthony Trial- Verdict- Not Guilty (BREAKING NEWS!)

1st degree murder- NG abuse- NG manslaughter- NG false information (4,5,6,7)- G

7 Responses to “Casey Anthony Trial- Verdict- Not Guilty (BREAKING NEWS!)”

  • TopTenCrew:


    I would watch a video of Caylee getting anal fucked

  • biggun649:

    Knew she was innocent all along. We love you Casey!

  • biggun649:

    Casey rules!

  • rashaan6:

    dude what kind of waste of time video is this.. I hope you get killed like this murderous bitch is gonna get killed by someone out for vengeance.

  • cynthiabaudino:

    good message..parents… you can kill your children and get away with it

  • TheWhitiewhitie:

    Justinian the Great, a Roman Emperor once said, “rather let the crime of the guilty go unpunished than condemn the innocent”. This is absolutely true. We have to consider that some people are placed on DEATH ROW who are “truly” innocent. I believe this is far worst than allowing a bad person like Casey to walk freely.

  • marissakeepstheheat2:

    A little girl murdered and thrown away like a bag of garbage and NO ONE did it…that’s pretty much what this jury said today. I ask myself a question..”If Casey didn’t murder her, who did”? The answer always comes up the same…no one else had a motive and opportunity except mommy. Why all the lies? The jury has no balls, a helpless, defenseless trusting baby murdered by her mother.

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