Casey Anthony trial verdict TV host Julie Chen breaks down on air

Casey Anthony trial verdict TV host Julie Chen breaks down on air

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  • blueshark2010:

    @hydrolito She was talking like somehow by the looks on their faces, the fire fighters basically KNEW that when they were going in, they knew they were going to die. She did not get her job by being a gifted journalist or even being good at her job.

  • hydrolito:

    The ending of the show is stupid it’s always the right time to have the talk, hey people have to sleep some time so sometimes it’s the right time to shut up.

  • hydrolito:

    @blueshark2010 Actually they wouldn’t have known they weren’t coming out although going to fight any building fire that is always a possiblity, the empire state building had been hit before by a World War 2 type bomber plane by accident and most of the building remained intact. The World Trade Center had also survived a bombing attempt before so how could they know they were going to their deaths? I don’t know why she would say that. Did she mean that she knew what they were thinking?

  • blueshark2010:

    Good God. I guess banging the CEO of CBS while he was already married was a good career move. Chen has said the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard a TV personality say; When talking about 9/11 firefighters, she said, “When I saw them going into the towers, you could see they knew they were marching to their deaths.” Unbelievable.

  • indyfan22k:


    don’t have super emotional women on Jurys.

  • mo42086:

    “Julie I’m just shocked…(that your finally showing emotions!)”

  • mikeyt34:

    That moron on the far left end is a poster child as to what people don’t understand about this verdict. The jury took the emotion out of it as they were instructed to do and base their decision on the evidence.

  • edge9090:

    i hate that name for a talk show “The Talk” makes me think of that private conversation kids and parents have about sex

  • josephc28:

    I think the bitch is guilty, but unfortunately, like the O.J. trial, the District Attorney’s office is the one that jacked everything up. I blame them more than the jurors. The jurors could only make a reasonable decision based on the evidence presented to them.

  • ZimbaZumba:

    I am surprised Julia Chen didn’t say ‘well that will teach the kid’, as she did about Catherine Becker cutting her husbands penis off.

    Shockingly sad case but Julia Chen is a hypocrite sorry.

  • adamelliott11:

    @avzeolla oh shut the fuck up,, shes guilty,,, educate your self on the facts,, she was GUILTY!,,,, if for nothing else,, manslaughter, child endangerment, libel,,,,, and i hope she gets her justice in the fucking streets,, sometimes thats the only place you can get it..

  • Nubias:

    @cazz3000 if you have to ask the question,then you would not understand the answer,I’m sure that’s no surprise though,your used to it.

  • cazz3000:

    @Nubias Casey? is that you?

  • Nubias:

    The jury made the right decision with the data they had.

  • CUNTservativesRDung:

    @lookingforatswife My your stupidity shines so fucking bright!! XD

  • bubblinbrownsugar616:

    @rainbowIchigo Now if THAT ain’t the truth!! :)
    People are pathetic.


    @mrmanown I know,I’m not saying she wasn’t guilty but people shouldn’t hope for someone else to die or be sent to death.Just like when they celebrated Osama’s death.There’s going to be more Osama’s,it won’t end with him.Stuff like that helps you realize how fucked up this world is.

  • Steve187R:

    @chadpopstar Its a FREE country, we should be able to do what we want.

  • eazybreezyxoxo:

    So weird, the day this came on my tv went all black so I didn’t see this part

  • rainbowIchigo:

    holy shit these comments are fucking ridiculous. you’re all basically blaming the liberals (YET AGAIN) for every little fucking thing that happens. coming from someone who can’t stand either political party sides, you should all be ashamed and punch yourselves in the fucking face multiple times and get some sense knocked into you. The Anthony bitch was guilty and her daughter deserved JUSTICE. FUCK ALL OF YOU

  • mrmanown:

    And the bitch cries because she found out Casey Anthony won’t be put to death. Some people, well, actually a lot of people, are fucked up. get mad bitch, get mad.

  • lookingforatswife:


  • BarracudaFluda:

    @avzeolla “most fair legal system in the world.” …umm your wrong, do your research.

  • eric251982:

    Julie Chen is hysterical!

  • cajuncurlzz:

    (The U.S Supreme Court: Try Casey Anthony in Federal Court) Go to´╗┐ over 36,000 have already signed petition!

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