How Persuasive Communications Won Casey Anthony’s Case

How in the world was Casey Anthony acquitted? Did the justice system fail? These are the questions that the public is still speculating about some 2 weeks after the verdict was announced. However, according to Juliet Huck, a persuasive communications expert that has worked on high profile cases such as the Scott Peterson and Kobe Bryant cases, the answer to these questions could be found in persuasive communications. As she explained to us, communications involves informing someone of something, whereas persuasive communications is more about getting something from someone, like a verdict or vote. Although she believes the prosecution did well with what they had to work with, she told us that the defense did a very good job of persuading from both a visual and verbal standpoint. “I think the prosecution did a pretty decent job, but I think that the defense even pulled it out further,” said Huck. For you, which was more persuasive: the communication from the prosecution or the defense?
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