One Doll Suspended, Another Surfaces: The Casey Anthony VooDoo Doll

WESH 1/27/09
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12 Responses to “One Doll Suspended, Another Surfaces: The Casey Anthony VooDoo Doll”

  • ArtByLindaLee:

    Actually w eneed the memory of this little girl to stay alive
    To remember her and not forget about the horrific abuse she endured before her death This is such a tragic crime and I am sure we have not heard the last of it fro the Anthony family

  • sanannmay:

    I don’t know why the Anthonys are so upset. They are the ones that turned this into a media circus,and STILL making a profit off that baby! Maybe like their daughter they are greedy and want all the profit from this child’s murder for themselves?

  • bugsycline:

    I’ve got one!

    comes with a roll of duct tape and a hefty bag.

    click my user name to see the video

  • totalliar:

    Only NBC TV 2, America’s choice for news, should be able to profit off the death of Caylee. The public have spoken.

  • pimpolina2005:

    they are still selling it, there is no info that it’s suspended

  • Flabbyhabbybabby:

    i have a little hanging rubber skeleton that i named caylee. anybody have a problem with that? anybody want to buy it from me?

  • Beadbud5000:

    The manufacturer’s of these doll projects should be exposed for every dirty business dealing they have ever had! Truly disgusting!

  • julietdox:

    I agree it is despicable. I would like to ask the Anthonys tho, how do they get off still selling missing Caylee T shirts and bracelets? Isn’t that despicable as well?

  • eviltig:

    I would just like to piont out while he says “100% of the profit will go to charity” this is not true to what it sounds like.
    There are thousands of ways this scumbag will be able to keep funds, hes gonna pay himself a very healthy wage I bet, maybe get a company car, advertising cost, office equipment, production of the doll, storage, ect, ect, it sad but thats the way it is.
    100% of the profits will most likey still show about 3 or 4 dollars tops most likely not even that much.
    He is a liar!

  • letsbeefriendsok:

    sick sick sick sick sick sick sick sick sick!

  • topaz38:

    ill buy a voodoo doll lol sheeesh yeah right !

  • vylonxic:

    They’re turning this whole thing into a freaking media circus and making a profit of a dead baby and the people involved. Sick.

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