Part 2/3 casey Anthony: update Nov28 INCEST; Elvis Sightings

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  • sizzled28:

    Ya know, I always assumed that Cindy pulled the hairbrush switch to confuse Caylee’s DNA to avoid detection of car-trunk samples.
    But the more I think of it…She was trying to keep Caylee’s parentage a secret.
    Have you ever seen anyone that you just wanted to slap?

  • AlbatrossBS:

    Alba since you are so obsessed with incest, perhaps you are a by-product of incest? I am sure that is the reason you hide behind pictures.

    Dont worry honey you are older, but you are intelligent; medication will ensure you are able to retain those faculties.

    Obviously you still need a prescription from your mental health specialist. I do care!

  • AmericaTops:

    I don’t think Casey “ran” the house at all; but as she got older, and after having Casey, she felt more and more “limited” and “controlled” in her life, and needed to drastically make a change – which her parents (mother esp.) would never have allowed if proposed openly. I think having met Tony L. and then having the BIG physical argument with Cindy pushed her to act premeditatedly on June 16th. Find the video here which shows her movements IN ONE SINGLE DAY from cell phone records! Amazing

  • Beatpoet7371:

    Baby’s name = CAseY LEE

  • careyrn2000:

    I agree that betrayal by parents is at the top of the list of horrifying events in life, however, in this case, I do not believe this is the source of Casey’s behavior. I believe she is truly sociopathic, regardless of who is her father or what betrayals she underwent as a child.

  • albatross234:

    The brother recanted. He misunderstood the question. George is Casey’s father.

  • sparklerocks:

    George is Caseys father. Casey looks just like her dad.

  • albatross234:

    Lee’s DNA was obtained by court order.

    October 9, 2008

    George and Cindy Anthony voluntarily gave up DNA samples this week so investigators could scientifically exclude either of them as the source of the hair and stain in Casey’s trunk, but investigators had to get a search warrant to get Casey’s brother Lee to submit to a DNA test. He also has refused to take a lie detector test for the FBI.

  • csdk44444:

    The only way we would find out the paternity is if George was the father. As he & Cindy & Casey are the only ones who submitted to DNA testing. So I don’t believe we will find out. & I don’t think that Casey has as much control over George as she does Cindy. Cindy has control over George(money). Did you watch George’s tapes? He told alot of stuff about Casey. No one would tell all he told about Casey if he was in fear of Casey telling anyone he had molested her. Nope. I don’t believe it.

  • albatross234:

    We will know the paternity of Caylee when they reveal the test results. But in the meantime, what you have unknowingly described is a typical hierarchy of an incest home in which the daughter switches leadership roles with the mother. The mother is pushed in the background, as the younger, prettier controls the father with sex, blackmail, her demands for $ met, and theft put up with, and unreported in order to stay below the radar.

  • csdk44444:

    No offense, but I don’t believe for one second that Casey was molested or even abused but her father. She absolutely runs that house. She is queen bee in that house. They have spoiled that girl rotten. I wondered (and still wonder) if Caylee was Lee’s daughter but not George’s. No way. She is in complete control.

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