Part 3/3 casey Anthony: update Nov28 INCEST; Elvis Sightings

George not Casey’s Father? LINK: Check this out: Rick saying Casey’s biological father is not George! Part 15 .. page 3022 is on the bottom right corner: LOOKS LIKE RICK RECANTED–MISUNDERSTOOD THE QUESTION SEE: Interesting, eh??? Police Interview with Cindy: Cindy Q Okay. And then uh George drove the car home and you followed him in your….? A Yes And we parked it in the garage, opened everything up, too the battery out of it just in case someone came home to try and get the car we took the batter out of it. Never know. Someone being? A. I dont know anybody. I have no idea, Im not, I dont want to speculate on something I dont know but thats our thought was.

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  • sizzled28:

    I still don’t get what you are hinting at about the battery removal. Maybe I am getting dense. I guess that I need it speeled out for me.

  • RandiSierra:

    Yeah and her and her defense will probably try to say she was only at Fusion for work.

  • Badgeofjustice:

    BadgeOfHonor1 and Shieldofjustice are the same person
    and´╗┐ we’ve known for a while now.

  • Albatross234assault:

    Alba- YOU are a self-serving hypocrite, now that you are gaining celebrity status your agenda is clearly to cash in on baby Caylee Anthonys murder. Just like the rest of the money-mongers.

    Shame on YOU, how disgusting.

  • AlbatrossBS:

    Alba since you are so obsessed with incest, perhaps you are a by-product of incest? I am sure that is the reason you hide behind pictures.

    Dont worry honey you are older, but you are intelligent; medication will ensure you are able to retain those faculties.

    Obviously you still need a prescription from your mental health specialist. I do care!

  • AmericaTops:

    Think about it.. as weird as it sounds. George’s testimony was honestly what he had experienced, and his impressions. Lee told honestly about the events in July. If no one asks him about being a “scout” while Casey retrieves the body, he won’t say anything, and isn’t “technically” lying! Mother Cindy “knows” the truth and is going into hyper denial so as to TRY to “save” even the guilty and retain a semblance of a family, hoping that the court can’t “prove” anything (like with O.J. 1st time)

  • swifton1:

    I think ur crazy why would she say its smells like a dead body

  • dejazzd:

    I think *enmeshment* might be the word you are looking for. Also: “Verbal abuse, emotional abuse, neglect abuse and witness abuse are equally, if not more painful…” So true! Although I’m not sure what you mean by witness abuse. There is such a thing as emotional incest.

  • Trubisha:

    Hi Albatross, We are crossposting, oops!
    Right! Exactly! George was thinkin’ police and fines and redtape etc. He didn’t ‘get it’! And I think he went into brainlock/gridlock at that point. He just sort of stayed there!
    All this stuff about detailing, used cars, rotating wheels, the battery, the car-jack, gas cans, even now the trailer billboard…thats where G ‘goes’. He was panicked. Unfortunately, Casey went to ‘Fusion’ and wasn’t panicked!

  • Trubisha:

    6. Sorry to congest things up, but I wanted to ask if Casey’s being of danger to the public/others won’t come up at some point regardless of any other charges (theft, fraud, child neglect, suspected murder)? Isn’t there a ‘clause’ that can keep a person incarcerated if the public/others are at risk?
    I predict that Casey would accept that!
    I’m afraid that Caylee has ended up in pieces!
    I think when Casey has spoken of Caylee’s whereabouts, she has referred to various parts of Caylee. SAD!

  • albatross234:

    05, Casey is indifferent to the whereabouts of the car for 2 wks, having that smell was too much. She is avoiding them and the car–little danger of her taking it. No, it is the police that is the threat. Perhaps a mental lapse on the part of GA?
    Review the wording of the interview:
    A Yes And we parked it in the garage, opened everything up, too the battery out of it just in case someone came home to try & get the car we took the batter out of it. Never know.

    Someone being?

    A. I dont know..

  • Trubisha:

    5. Its already come up, but we have to take care. Victims and/or survivors of ‘incest’ are not necessarily murderers and murderers are not necessarily victims of ‘incest’. The paternity of Casey or Caylee is irrelevant.
    Casey was back at the house way too often to plead she or Caylee were in danger.
    Oh what I would have given to have a vehicle and a bit of cash to flee when I didn’t!
    It’s tyranny and there is no excuse for it.
    She would have taken out the whole family!

  • Trubisha:

    4. I appreciated your mention of Manson. That is exactly what happens! First they humilate and insult you to bits and then, when you are a snivelling mess, they act to restore you and then you are a snivelling, grovelling mess that is dependant. Or worse, you pretend to be.
    I think there is something called ’emotional incest’ and it is more critical than paternity dna.
    If only the answers could be found there! :(

  • Trubisha:

    Part3! …Which brings me back to your question about incest (which you initially asked about back in September)! If there isn’t physical and/or sexual violation I think it is called something else. Although they go hand in hand, ‘entanglement’ or ‘co-dependancy’ can occur without physical and/or sexual contact. Doesn’t matter. Verbal abuse, emotional abuse, neglect abuse and witness abuse are equally, if not more painful. If thats what you mean by ‘incest’? (continued)

  • Trubisha:

    Part 2! I don’t think the searches for shovel and broken neck are a big deal and would have been George’s searches. The neck of a shovel can break and you try to repair it! (I’m a gardener!).
    The searches about chloroform and household products and ethanol are scary, but most scary/sinister if Casey was already framing George.
    I think she would have taken out the whole family and is in effect doing so!
    She went back to the house way too often to plead she or Caylee were in danger.

  • Trubisha:

    Hi Albatross, You took the words right out of my mouth! I was going to say there was probably ALOT more ‘cleaning’ of the car going on, including dousing or spraying anything from deoderants to ethanol (paint thinner), pool cleaner etc.
    There are some very weird points. Like why would you have a bag of garbage in your trunk anyways? Why would you ‘air out’ a car INSIDE the garage?
    LP said a bag with two spent deoderant cans was found on a roadside.
    (I’ll have to continue next post)

  • ncjazzcat:

    I have been following and studying this case closely from the beginning, Casey Anthony shoulc be charged with first-degree murder, Cindy, George, and Lee should all be charged with accessory after the fact, and Cindy should be charged with lying and obstruction. I thought Lee and Casey were George’s children and have heard nothing to the contrary. However, WHY does Caylee look so much like Cindy? There is something about the resemblance that is really bugging me.

  • 05Corvette05:

    Hi albatross. I have to say I disagree with the battery thing. Think of it this way: Your daughter has abandoned a vehicle and you’ve just been stiffed with a $500+ car storage bill. I’d sure as heck remove the battery too, so the little thief couldn’t come by and take it again. They knew what a thief she was/is.

  • hockeystickbd:

    I feel George should not have driven that car off of that lot knowing what that smell was from being an ex cop for many years. They wanted to stop anyone from taking that car, including Casey until they cleaned it all up. Tampering with evidence, plain and simple. George knew that was wrong to do but let Cindy do it anyways. They should all get tampering with evidence and Cindy for lying also.

  • albatross234:

    As it all comes to him all at once. Casey killed the baby. It all fit. Why we never saw Caylee again,and why Casey has been avoiding us. He decided they would scour the car, and hope the tow yard mgr. wouldn’t report the familiar odor to the police–at least not until they cleaned the car. Cindy came to the same conclusion without a word from him. Cindy would report it after they had it cleaned.

  • albatross234:

    He gets in his drives to the listed address, and sees it’s Amscot. He talks the mgr. The mgr. tells him he reported it Jun 27th, and that it smelled. Geo knows that tow yards routinely check to see if their tow is a stolen vehicle, so it must not have been reported stolen by Casey. He tells Cindy, & they go to the tow yard, & GA is on edge as he feels their car has been used in a crime, keeps his mouth shut. Upon opening the car door, he decides not to call the police, (con’t)

  • albatross234:

    abandoned cars that are not stripped are frequently have been stolen, then used in the commission of a crime, then abandoned. Then it ends up in some tow yard.
    He looks at the dates it was reported and knows that it had been more than 2 weeks!! He knows that Cindy has called/spoken to Casey most every day since the big blowup, & that she had even been back to the house a few times, but she had never said the car was missing!
    Could Casey have been involved in a crime, he wonders

  • albatross234:

    I believe GeoA has not been altogether truthful in his accounts of July 15.

    What if this is the way it really went?

    GA says they couldn’t pick up the Reg. letter on the 14th, so on picking it up and reading it the next morning, what if GA is not so eager to run down and pick it up?

    He knews from his used car selling years (and chop shops are commonly connected to a lot) that (con’t)

  • acmezone:

    I hope I’m thinking of the right call. I’m talking about when Cindy’s getting Casey on the phone. You hear Cindy saying (I think telling George) something like Caylee’s missing! Caylee’s missing.

    I think this matches up with George’s testimony of coming home and Cindy saying “We lost her. We lost her.”

    I’m thinking it’s the same conversation.

    At any rate. I forgot what the point is… :)

  • acmezone:

    Thank you for not being offended and for being honest.
    I agree it’s suspect.

    p.s. Hope your computer’s working better.

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