Recap on trial of that of casey marie anthony, as the prosecution once again deflowers casey’s credability, thus a barbitual liar. touching up on the subject when they show casey in jail the breaking news on tv that they had possibly found the body that of her daughter caylee.
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  • TheAlishahsyed:

    she is a narcisist paranoid bitch no empathy no regrets well she is an excellent actor well all narcs are…but one cannot even blame a mad women if thats proved she mad

  • TheAlishahsyed:

    she shud be sent to pakistan into pakistani jail n in hands of pakistani police she will spell all out within one day after she will take prefuse beating on her ass

  • cubanjulia:

    @gosucalime yeah well this cuban bit*ch already got a papi that can have me, and only him. Stay focused on the lil angel that left this earth too soon….thats what the main focus is about here

  • gosucalime:

    man i would fuck this cuban bitch umm umm umm umm

  • gosucalime:

    man i would fuck this cuban bitch

  • TheElijahsmantle:

    I’m going to say something, but it’s not going to be easy. We don’t know whether if Casey killed her daughter or not, it’s not for us to judge. God says if we judge other people, we will be judged. I’m sure if Casey did murder her daughter, she will repent of her sins. Jesus died for all sinners, i.e. adulters, fornicators, thieves, liars, and EVEN murderers. God would rather save a soul than to condemn anyone. God also says, if we don’t forgive others, then He won’t forgive us. We’ve all sinned

  • johnpaulsk8r:

    Great job u understand this nd u have proof nd signs on how she was lying. If someone is inoccent then they shouldnt have to lie about anything the jury just doesnt understand they probably grew feelings for her cuz she put on a front. Nd now that bitch is talkin bout adopting a child when she gets out. Cant wait till people react to her when they see her in tha streets

  • 1972mgoblue:

    this chik really stinks at this…. she needs to stop doing this and get a job.

  • kidstocks:

    got to stop saying umm…practice that

  • justinholt2000:

    @cubanjulia good job! im so glad to watch u and the others that are keeping track of the trial. Even though its just youtube, i appreciate you speaking your views i feel like it is a discussion with a friend….. also so far u have the views closest to mine of all the ppl talkin bout the trial that ive watched.

  • imarocker2u:

    @cubanjulia Thank you so much! It’s very nice to have met you :)

  • cubanjulia:

    @imarocker2u thanks!!!! N U r so so extremely artistic, thus talented, I hope U keep on posting more videos, I cuud C the million mark on ur channel…honestly

  • imarocker2u:

    You do a great job in these vlogs :)

  • cubanjulia:

    @TheDevilman2112 omgoodness lmao, cheers 😉

  • TheDevilman2112:

    You and zenaida should get together and pop some barbituates and contemplate the hispanic struggle in america as far as etiquette and demeanor are concerned.Cheers.

  • keltzfamily7:

    It just found ur channel…Casey is guilty no doubt,but also like you i have thought that she didnt acted alone….keep posting–Peace KLK

  • SlimShayD:

    That girls needs a lifetime sentence. Seriously. She could do so much damage to society. And it’s all because she lost control of herself and got tangled up in her own lies.

  • 936grace:

    Casey puts no thought into her lies & just spits out the first thing that pops into her brain that’s why some lies resemble something familiar. If she were a good liar she would have hid the body better & planted clues to her innocence & said Caylee had only been missing 1 day & a stranger took her from the park. But in order to deny Mom’s accusations & emphasize she had not been having fun she said she had been a suffering victim for 31 days…. There was no where to go from there except Hell.

  • cubanjulia:

    @joyewils thank U, so so much, actually ur comment brought me to tears, due to the fact that my mother, whom took her life at the age of 48 was a writer and at one point in her life did some journalism, but her depression diminished her talent, thus died with her.
    I enjoy doing this! I am a writer, still stuck on my fourth book, never published one. i also am a songwriter, I, U know when I get on Youtube and speak my mind I feel this urge to get the message out.
    U made my day, thk U…….:

  • joyewils:

    habitual not barbitual

  • joyewils:

    Julia, I enjoy your recaps and want to tell you that you do a very nice job. In addition you are beautiful and would be great on TV.

  • cubanjulia:

    no, i dont think that they will giver her the death penalty. HHmmmmm, thats the one thing I feel that the jurors might do, spare her life

  • starkid108:

    do you think she will get the electric chair?:D

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