So how do you know they’re guilty?

GOP leader cites Casey Anthony in Somali terror case Video transcript: Follow me:

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  • vampypink:

    I’ve watched a few of your video’s in the last half hour or so and you’ve had some great arguments. The reason I chose to comment on this one though is because I wanted to say that you look a lot better without that bright red lipstick, natural tones suit you much better. And yes, I’m aware that it really has no baring on this video.

  • untitledtrackband:

    It sounds like Senator McConnell wishes to reinstate the witch trials.

  • newperve:

    Oh yeah it’s so hard to get convictions in a US court, just ask Troy Davis. watch?v=5SH4IpmJl6M
    Not that he’s the only one:
    Description of “Race and Justice: Wrongful Convictions of African American Men” by Marvin D. Free, Jr. and Mitch Ruesink
    “In this investigation of some 350 wrongful convictions of African American men, Marvin Free and Mitch Ruesink critically examine how issues of race undercut the larger goals of our criminal justice system.”

  • bryphi77:

    @XXBleedingrose WTF… are you an English teacher. This is fucking youtube, and people type fast. Do you go around patrolling the comment section for grammar errors? Apparently so… LOL!

    And yes, I noticed the error long before you pointed it out… I was not nearly as worried about it as you.

    If you look hard enough you can probably find some more errors in the comment as well. Feel free to correct them…

  • XXBleedingrose:

    @bryphi77 who doesn’t ACCEPT

  • christo930:

    @Kawamura2 That may be all in theory, but in practice, if you aren’t wealthy, you won’t get a fair trial. Even having your own lawyer isn’t enough, you need to be able to pay their rate for hundreds of hours of investigations and such.

  • Kawamura2:

    @christo930 I think she means that a fair trial is how things are supposed to work, since a fair and speedy trial is the law, whether or not the court system actually follows the law.

  • MichaelGim:

    God Hates Sinners Its A Forum Google It. Its Made For Humor But Im Not Sure How Funny It Is.

  • bryphi77:

    It it is real funny considering that at this point the definition of “suspected terrorist” is any one who doesn’t except their enslavement with a smile. I am sure this senator is just worried about locking up anyone who doesn’t agree with him as easy as possible. Such honorable men we have ruling us…

    But as the guy beneath me has pointed out… The courts are a joke anyway. Every institution in this country is controlled by the money.

  • christo930:

    Your video is based on a false premise, that is that people get a fair trial in American courts. Anyone who can’t afford an attorney is robbed of their fair trial. You meet a new PD at every new hearing and you meet with them for 30 sec before you approach the court. There is no investigation of the evidence, no pre-trial gathering of evidence etc. If you think everyone gets a fair trial in court, then I say that gay people have equal rights in the US. That is how ridiculous your assertion is.

  • deepshockonYT:

    Senator McConnell has a really screwed up idea of the concept of ‘justice’.

  • WISE2BE:

    @MrFatmcgee yes some people think its for freedom or somthing like that but he wants big guys with big things

  • pabloalmeidaff9:

    @CitizenGeek She didn’t say this. She said that the PURPOSE of a trial is being fair. Finding more people guilty is by no means an evidence of a trial being fair, but the opposite.

  • CitizenGeek:

    You’re being naive if you think juries always get it right. The Casey Anthony case is a clear example that juries can be idiotic – the evidence against her was overwhelming. Another example is the O.J. case …

  • oldhipp13:

    You should REALLY watch the movie “conspirator”… Shows what happens when the civil judiciary courts are disposed of and military tribunals substituted.

  • dk6024:

    It’s so sad that this needs to be pointed out. Thank you for pointing this out.

  • Darrylizer1:

    Nice argument/observation ZJ. The irony in the desire to use military rather than civilian courts is that statistically it’s more difficult to obtain a guilty verdict in military court. That info tidbit came from an article done by NPR. I didn’t check the veracity of the claim, but it is something to ponder.

  • TheGnomeNome:

    @owenhemsath No, what I am saying is your reading comprehension needs work, you make little sense, and I suspect your cognitive skills are nonexistent. Whine about humans thinking they’re valuable all you want, that is your opinion but the laws will still apply to you. Atheism is lack of belief in a god, and only that. It’s not up to you to dictate what the other terms for it are. Apparently lots of people care, if you don’t why are you here insisting they share your lack of morality? Hypocrite.

  • owenhemsath:

    @TheGnomeNome Wait, so you’re saying that we came from nothing but we are valuable? How can you justify that? Based on what are we valuable? Your opinion? Who cares if Casey Anthony killed her kid? We kill flies and cockroaches all the time- what makes YOU any different? Who cares if she gets set free or fried? Im sick of all you “atheists” acting like religious people. Either there is a god or there isnt and if there isnt we are all just accidents- accidents have no rights. Period.

  • TheGnomeNome:

    @owenhemsath “To say that we all came from nothing but then all of sudden we got some value from no where is retarded. ” Good thing I didn’t say it, then. It’s not up to you to decide that it’s unfair or unjustified that Casey Anthony gets a fair trial (careful, it almost sounds like you’re attempting to impose your distaste for morals on everyone else there) because non-human animals kill each other for food and´╗┐ we don’t give them trials first. Sounds stupid? These are your words summed up.

  • TheGnomeNome:

    @MrMeineNamen Yes, I’m sure. Well seeing as you’ve just pretty much said you had no point, I guess we’re done here.

  • MrMeineNamen:

    @TheGnomeNome i wasnt complaining… i wasnt making an argument i was stating what ZJ was doing in her video then you trolled to me in a very mocking attack on my belief and here we are… not my fault you somehow felt butt hurt

  • owenhemsath:

    @TheGnomeNome It doesn’t matter where we came from? What!!The whole value system of money is based on “where” it came from- gold, silver, coal… Healthy food is determined by where it came from- whole or processed. You sincerely don’t know what you’re talking about. To say that we all came from nothing but then all of sudden we got some value from no where is retarded. Don’t throw your morals on ME! If you want to pretend like your life is valuable go ahead and live a delusion but don’t make me

  • TheGnomeNome:

    @owenhemsath The prison itself is a US facility. Not getting your morals from religion does not mean having none at all. It doesn’t matter what we came from, only where we are. If you really want to go back to it I suggest you find yourself a cave to stay in where you only need concern yourself with nature and you won’t be in danger of anyone trying to tell you that you have rights. There are no trials in nature, so bringing it up as a reason as to why we shouldn’t have fair ones now is silly.

  • TheGnomeNome:

    @MrMeineNamen As no one has grown up without exposure to the idea of religion, there will never be an unbiased take. Believers are hardly being silenced, so I’m not sure what you mean by one-sided. Do you also complain to believers that they aren’t presenting a balanced, fair view of atheism? ZJ is allowed to make videos, and you are allowed to comment on them, and people are allowed to disagree. You presented no argument to make your point, just complaints.

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