The Body Farm – Study of Human Decomposition

Video about the Body Farm where the study of human decomposition is carried out on real corpses. Goes well with the Caylee / Casey Anthony case videos as tests were conducted by Body Farm personal. Note that the researcher in the video mentions that you never forget the smell.
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  • Aephqan:

    @C63AMGestate Yeah, actually that description stayed in my mind thru out the years since I’d first watched the video. Now back on this again, I found out my mind used to describe the stench as sweet pungent etc… :/ Subconscious mind, damn…

  • anonymousolid:

    Any one else have your sound way up and the intro scared you shitless?
    Fucking Christ. -_-;

  • MrJoelyboi20:

    a haven for necrophiliacs

  • universologist:

    The creatures will get you no matter how you are buried.

  • CoolBreezeClub:

    Do they ever get any hot females in at the farm…

  • Noisecreatorz:

    i was eating while watching….

  • Hopsa9:

    @DynamicScherzo If you are buried properly, there won’t be maggots anyway!

  • silver760:

    All the information on decomposition in all environments has already been collected countless times over the last six decades at least,there is nothing new to learn.There are many sites like this in the US and a few in the UK.They exist to fulfill the morbid curiosity and the obsession with death these people have.The life cycle of the fly has been studied and documented hundreds of times for possibly every species known.These people aren’t content with studying data.

  • bathingapes112:

    it is nasty, it is gross, AND it is awful to do.. but i guess it DOES have to be done. :/

  • bathingapes112:

    ive smelled death before, im a 15 year old girl and ive seen and smelled shit thats beyond unbearable, but this is some terrible shit. my sister in law and her three kids were living in a hotel and this old guy in the next room killed himself and was found like 2 weeks later, but the nasty fucking smell just consumed her room, i walked in to visit, and walked back out.. it was HORRIFYING! i cant believe she had them kids in there tho. -___- yeah, thats my story. LOL. ^__^

  • MrPenfold84:

    @C63AMGestate Indeed you don’t forget it. I’ve been trying for almost a decade! but it’s still fresh in my mind.

  • MrPenfold84:

    Believe me! that’s one smell you will never forget! I had the misfortune to encounter it many years ago, and even now nearly a decade later, i still retch when i think about it. God help us from such an evil disgusting smell! To all those people who ask what it smells like, i can categorically say this! You’re not missing anything! it’s a smell that you will never want to encounter. It’s the after effect that does the most harm, your memory.

  • youroldsweetie:

    PLEASE SIGN our petition to have FEDERAL charges brought up against Casey! (NOT dbl-jeopardy!)! Not allowed to post the link here; it’s LEGIT! W/ 45000 signatures as of 8/7/11. We’ll combine it w another one there & have over 50,000!! The originators will print & take it to the Florida offices of the FBI. Please? @ Just type “Try Casey Anthony ” in the search field box to find it.

  • davee232:

    Did you know that Mike Rowe on “Dirty Jobs” made an episode where he was assisted a employee on his job which was a Body Farmer. The network did not air the episode and I do not think its even on the DVD.

  • welldone4:

    ok the darker the body, the longer it’s been dead right? hmm now i’m wondering about black people….

  • aDividedHeart:

    It annoys me that you never get to see the body in it’s actual color in this video. They’re always skewing the color…. If you’re going to do a video about a body farm, for Godsakes, just show us the whole thing. Don’t show us the bodies with extra camera effects. BAH!

  • ironicdevil666:

    what if the flies accidently flew in your nose.. and like ” Woooppss! wrong person! thought you were dead cuz you stand so near to the smell” LOL!

  • TheRed343:

    anybody hungry? 😀

  • MrRannie96:

    i just hate the background sound and its nite time!! :S

  • sinekotdiabl:

    this guy makes it sound like he has to do this job and doesn’t enjoy it.. ‘its a job that’s gotta be done’
    but man, what a lot of people would go through to have an amazing job like that! Its a fascinating science, and I hope to be doing a research project there myself in a few years..

  • Jacquelyn104:

    Part of the decomposition process is when the organs inside the body break down. When your organs break down they emit gases that cause the body to bloat. The flies aid in breaking down the flesh. Darkened skin is a result of dead nerves similar to hypothermia. That being said I will now be a stereotypical black person and say “DAMN NATURE YOU SCARY!”

  • TheDizzyAlice:

    My dream job:)

  • vincentXXX666:

    omg flies lay eggs in your body then the maggots eat ur flesh… MAGGOT EAT UR FLESH?! WTF?!?!? i mean crocodiles eat flesh but not maggots?!!??!?!

  • AAaaronandersonMUSIC:

    Hi, my name is Aaron Anderson. In memorial of little Caylee Anthony I have created a song and video. Please watch the video on my page and repost as much as possible! Thanks so much for your support!

  • aussiesteveable:

    This shows the important role flys play in nature … they are like a clean up crew . Eating putrefied flesh , they help break down decaying matter .

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