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Macedonian protest-Macedonia for Macedonians-1922

Клипот е од големите македонски демонстрации на МАКЕДОНСКАТА ПОЛИТИЧКА ОРГАНИЗАЦИЈА во 1922 г. со кои македонската емиграција бараше СОЗДАВАЊЕ МАКЕДОНСКА НАЦИОНАЛНА ДРЖАВА т.е. МАКЕДОНИЈА НА МАКЕДОНЦИТЕ и НЕЗАВИСНА МАКЕДОНИЈА со ослободување на македонските окупирани земји од страна на окупаторите Грција, Бугарија и Србија. Јасно се гледаат пaролите МАКЕДОНЦИ и МАКЕДОНИЈА, MACEDONIA FOR THE MACEDONIANS, со ова се рушат тезите на српско-бугарско-грчките ментори дека Македонците се измислица на Тито. Македонската политичка организација е создадена 1922 г. во Форт Вејн и се бореше за Македонија на Македонците. Во 1956 г. во Македонската Политичка Огр. се инфилтрира бугарскиот шпиун Шкартов, подоцна и Лебамоф (чии бизниси беа финансирани од Софија) и ја уништуваат Македонската Политичка Орг., правејки ја еден бугарски пропаганден центар, бркајки ги вистинските основачи и првите членови и ја прекрстија 1957 г. во Македонска Патриотическа Огранизација. Од 1957 г. таа организација работеше антимакедонски. Macedonia for Macedonians United Macedonia Macedonians from whole world unite!!! its time to put end on athenian bulgarian serbian albanian lies!!! Macedonia United Forever This clip is from the biggest мacedonian demonstration of the MACEDONIAN POLITICAL ORGANISATION in the year 1922 with which the Macedonian emigration asked for INDEPENDENT MACEDONIAN STATE AND MACEDONIA FOR MACEDONIANS and asking back the occupied territories from the ocupators Greece,Bulgaria and Serbia

Cannabis Common Sense 573

The show that tells truth about marijuana & the politics behind its prohibition. Live call in show , Friday’s, 8-9PM Pacific Time, 503-288-4448
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How to Eliminate Pollutants From the Body : Reasons to Detoxify

One reason to detoxify is that toxins can make cells act abnormally, leading to diverse health complications. Learn reasons to detoxify from aprofessional speaker and educator in this free health video. Expert: Dr. Karen Pryor Contact: Bio: Karen Pryor, PhD., PT is a dedicated holistic speaker who promotes an out-of-the-box approach to health and healing. Her life’s mission is to treat and educate people. Filmmaker: Dimitri LaBarge
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Day Forty Nine – Soul Suturer

Song: Soul Suturer Artist: Dan Moran I think I might make it a trend to re use/ re purpose words in the English language when I write songs. I’m well aware “Suturer” is not an existing term for some one you sutures wounds, but the concept of soul suturing doesn’t really exist anyways. Lyrics: id like to think that this body is one we transcend at the end when the day’s seen the sun set low on our hearts, it has laid us to rest with best of intentions for what will presist of our ashes and anything else that remains when we forfiet our physical beings for new planes we’ll start on this journey one step at time and it’s not long before many others align at our backs cause they choose to believe in whatever makes sense in theirs heads let’s them sleep in thier beds when they’re searching their thoughts ever deep in the night wondering if those thoughts are truly whats right soul suturing is easy when you don’t rely other’s medicine thread the needle and the healing eye hold your own until the day you die- i am an animal but i mean not to prey i mean only to live with out having to pray and i wish not to hunt but i will if i must – if spill blood it’ll be without lust Now why is it others they bathe in that blood and the ones at my back they pour in like a flood amassed to a million they they ask for my word I think to myself “this is getting absurd” but seeing the golden chance in my lap i enslave all their minds with a thundering clap and say “good people listen to me as to

meditation bee wax body candle

let the ligth gide you trough the ancient medicine and meditations
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Boxborough Acupuncture Cynthia King Boston – Business

Acupuncture is an ancient medicine that is increasingly turned to by people unable to relieve or cure their health related issues. Cynthia King, has a pharmacy degree besides her acupuncturist training
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0002 Morbidorum – Comenius scripsit

Comenius – Morbidorum.
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Pregnancy Miracle – Natural Infertility Treatment You should also consider tracking your monthly period. You should track the days of your luteal phase. Keep record of your vaginal temperature. You should also take note of the cervical mucus. There is also a technique called “Ovulation Calculator” – this calculator can be very accurate.
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Baby Grand “Alligator Drive”

Baby Grand was started by Eric Bazilian and Rob Hyman and put out two albums on Arista Records. Self titled in 1977 and “Ancient Medicine” in 1978. After Baby Grand split up Eric and Rob formed another band called The Hooters.
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Natural Remedy For Enjoying A Good Night’s Rest

Ancient Medicine Video Of Legit Compromise
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