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Donald Trump on The Millionaire Inside Erin Burnett Interview with the billionaire Donald Trump in “The Millionaire Inside” by Erin Brunett. You are about to see in this video what the success is all about. Understanding some few points that are crucial to your wealth and success. What will make you happy and wealthy is not what most people think. It is a lot more simple to live the life that you desire. You just have to want it so bad, with all of your passion an be determined to gain it. If you do so, you’ll see how it all will make sense to you and your friends will be amazed of what kind of life you would be living. Overcome that barrier of skepticism that doesn’t allow you to prosper. You have to believe that you can reach anything that has been reached by humans, and be I’m sure that you can. Don’t let the media and your friends to give you negative energy, by telling you that are not able to do a certain thing. Use your passion and determination as the most important components to prosper and have the lifestyle that you desire. http

This is Billionaire Mukesh Ambani’s $1Billion Tower House Home

Billionaire Mukesh Ambani lives in this billion dollar tower house home, in Mumbai, India. This skyscraper in downtown is the pride of Indian architecture. It’s in pictures in magazines proudly displayed. The building is called Antilia and the inside is amazing. It even has underground parking. Ambani is India’s richest man and made most of his fortune in oil, retail and biotech. Max Green from Just a Podcast gives his two cents. The full episode 16 is available at
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Who wants to be a Billionaire

A parody on the popular gameshow except that all contestants must be bankrupt, crony or proxy millionaires.

MTV Cribs meet TGG Pads

Come see where Erythmatiq is crashing temporarily and Killer Deuce is hanging too! There’s not much in this place except surprises and crazy times.
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Most Expensive Homes in the World

REP Interactive ; ; http ; ; ; **** This video is the final piece to our Master’s Thesis from the University of Southern California’s Annenberg School for Communication. It is a web series concept created and copywritten by Steve Gatena and Andrew McNeil. This video was originally done for realtor Christophe Choo from Coldwell Banker of Beverly Hills. We want to thank our professor Ben Lee, USC, as well as all of our sponsors Five Four Clothing, Helinet Aviation and O’Gara Coach for making this possible. Fight on! 1. William Randolph Hearst Estate Located on North Beverly Drive in Beverly Hills, this gorgeous home was recently on the market for 160000000. Originally purchased in 1925 by Milton Getz vice president of Union Bank and Trust, this property was sold in 1947 to newspaper Czar William Randolph Hearst and film star Marion Davies. The original property was designed by architect Gordon Kaufman and landscape architect Paul Thiene in 1927. 2. La Belle Vie Currently on the market for 000000, this home is located behind lower Bel Air’s east gate. The current owner acquired the property in the late 80’s and hired renowned architect Michael CF Chan and designer Bebe Winkler to build the existing mansion modeled after French Second Empire Architecture. La Belle Vie includes a private Clinton Suite, home to President Bill Clinton during his Los Angeles visits. 3. Playboy Mansion Likely one of the most infamous homes in

INVESTMENT MAGAZINE – Billionaire Homes.-.Magister Bernd M Pulch

INVESTMENT MAGAZIN – DAS ORIGINAL – analysiert die Kapitalanlagen unabhängig und professionell. INVESTMENT MAGAZIN – DAS ORIGINAL – berichtet über die Player am Markt, Risiken und Chancen der Kapitalanlagen für Investoren. Read The Original INVESTMENT MAGAZINE see more at

The World’s Most Expensive Mansion . . .

Price Tag : Circa US5 million (PS: A Massive Bidding War is currently in progress between a few heavily wadded ‘Uber-Billionaires’ ! ! !) All Rights Reserved : Updown Court , Windlesham , Surrey ,(Near London), England , United Kingdom Website Address : *NB: If you have been ’emotionally moved’ in any way by any of the videos posted on the YouTube Wellness FM Channel – and would earnestly like to talk to someone about it in complete confidence – then you might wish to privately click (at your very own Full Liability) on any of our ‘Talk To A Doctor’ Empowerment Links , for 3 Initial Free Minutes of Expert Wellness Support ( PROVIDED that you are already subscribed to the YouTube WellnessFM Channel AND that this is your very first contact with our Online Professional Network ).
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733 Pelican Laguna Beach Real Estate Flash Dance Check out this Laguna Beach Real Estate Video The reception of 733 Pelican has been awesome. There’s not a person that goes through the house that doesn’t admire what has been done. To help people make their decision easier, the price has been reduced by 0k to 95000. Now it goes from a great deal to an even better deal. Remember, not only is this house ‘new’ with major ocean views, it can be customized to be ‘your house’ by the builder/owner. A little change here. A different color there. Walla. There you go. Your house. To refresh your memory of 733 Pelican, watch this NEW 3 minute ‘action’ video of the property. We had fun with pulling footage from the grand opening and the incredible Sonatsia held at the house, and putting a little action video with a twist to it. Many of you maybe the stars. Check it out. It my first compilation video so, I’d love your feedback on it. I hope you enjoy a unique way to see real estate. Sean

Inside Malibu’s Famous $75 Million Mansion

A tour of the home where ”True Blood’ and ‘Funny People’ were filmed.
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Star Island, Miami Beach

A quick tour of the back side of the Rich and Famous homes on Star Island, Miami Beach. First off you’ll see Gloria and Emilio Estafan’s home comprised of 2 lots; one of the homes on the lot is actually a recording studio. Soon after that you’ll see a yellow 2 story house that used to belong to Shaq. He was selling that house for 24M, but dropped it down to a basement bargain price of 18M. We whisk you around to Phillip Frost’s beautiful home, the largest of the homes on this prestigious island. Mr. Frost made his money in the pharmaceuticals owning IVAX, the largest generic drug company. The last house on this island is P. Diddy’s home; you can’t see his house from the water but what you will see is a beautiful Tiki hut. His privacy wall and landscape is really well done and leaves much to the imagination.

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