Bone Thugs N Harmony – Thuggish Ruggish Bone Lyrics

[Intro] We’re not against rap We’re not against rappers But we are against those thugs (thugs thugs) [Shatasha Williams] It’s the Thuggish Ruggish Bone [x4] [Layzie Bone] Your feelin’ the strength of the rump Step up, hear the funk of the jump that the thugstas feel Just be thuggin, straight buzzin, lovin yo peoples cause we so real Chill, better bring yo weapon, when steppin Bring on that ammunition, trippin’ on sip Not to mention, never knew no competition But i gotta get mine, so scream out, mo, and let me hear ya holla Not about that mighty dollar Roll with the bone, mo’ thugs will follow Chain gang, remains the same Flamin my dank and drinkin brew Thinkin about hangin, clockin my bank, and thuggin trues, foo’s [Shatasha Williams] It’s the Thuggish Ruggish Bone [x4] [Wish Bone] Get ready for the bone and the mo thug, bustas You know me as a hustla Try to creep and get beat, maybe six feet, peep, gotta put them under Straight jackets, gotta make that money, man It’s still the same now, bailin in my black trench vest You gotta be down to bang bang Come and get this teachin, ya soldiers how thugstas must slack Me drinkin me brew till me skull crack, when we on our way back [Shatasha Williams] It’s the Thuggish Ruggish Bone [x4] [Krayzie Bone] Now follow me now, roll, stroll off deep in the land Well, creep if you can, take another swig to the brain (whoa) Loc’in, steady chokin off that potent smoke and runnin from the po-po now Gotta get up with my thugstas, right turn

Marilyn Monroe

Another tribute I did for Marilyn thats a little more upbeat then the last one. The song is The Look by Roxette.

Radiohead/The Bends – How Can You Be Sure?

Rediohead The Bends How Can You Be Sure?
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Elvis Presley last song ever 1977

For the King…from Greece.Visit my blog for Elvis! elvisclub.blogspot.com
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Theory of a Deadman – Lowlife

© 2011 WMG Purchase The Truth Is… from iTunes – bit.ly Theory of a Deadman – Lowlife
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Teen Thug picks on Old man and gets Knocked Out! – FMO

Next time he will respect his elders. Please Subscribe!
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Animal House-Toga! Toga! Toga! Toga!

Dean Wormer shows up and informs Delta House their midterm grades are more than a little below par.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Nene Ambani

Bhaskar (Arya) is a happy-go-lucky guy, who is yet to complete his BA Degree, writing arrear examinations annually for years. His only friend is Chittibabu (Santhanam) who owns a Hair Cutting Saloon named Power Tiger Saloon which he received as a dowry for marrying a two-month pregnant woman. Bhaskar lives with his mother, brother who is a successful veterinarian and sister, Nithya (Monisha). When his brother marries Nandhini (Vijayalakshmi), he gets to meet Nandhini’s younger sister Chandrika (Nayantara) and wishes to marry her. When he approaches his family for a chance, everyone talks very frankly of his unemployed status which rankles him and causes him to leave his house to prove himself. With the support of Chittibabu, he establishes a tutorial for Class 10 students and despite early setbacks makes it work and ensures that he makes a very heavy profit on the deal, while also convincing Chandrika, who eventually reciprocates his love. However despite all this, Chandrika’s father is against her marriage with Bhaskar, the reason being that he had been once insulted by a drunk Chittibabu as revenge for not having sanctioned a loan to Bhaskar. Jeeva makes a special appearance as Shiva, the owner of Shiva granites, a supposed “teetotaler”, and Chandrika’s prospective groom. He unites the couple at the end of the film, but not before putting up a fight.

Wanda Sykes at Montreal

Great comedy about when you deserve a second woman in bed.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Boyz N Da Hood, Gorilla Zoe – Bite Down (real video, uncensored) with LYRICS

Follow me on twitter: twitter.com –v—-LYRICS—-v– “Me neither, I can’t lie I’m still in the club Poppin’ bottles with my niggas Drinkin’ liquor, smokin’ bud Shorty what it does My nigga what it do, Pop a bean, bite down, do a line or two Get drunk (get drunk) Do a line (do…

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