Fast Cars

Call Of Duty Sniping Monatge

Little clips off my sniping

Brushless TC4 – 100mph take off

Flying TC4 :)
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Parakeet riding an Xmods Car

a short video of my very trusting parakeet rideing my Xmods car.
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Practice at Skarpnäck with Hagberg and Nilsson

Practice with 1/10 EP Touring cars Powered by LRP Brushless
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Ferrari F2005 Rc

Próbaút a Ferrari F2005-el…xD
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2007 Maserati Quattroporte Sport GT Nuvalori Grey Metallic A2525

Surely, you are ready to get behind the wheel of your new Nuvolari Grey Metallic 2007 Maserati Quattroporte Sport GT. The performance-oriented Italian luxury brand is known for making remarkable cars for a very good reason. They created a car, the Quattroporte, that’s as close as you can get to owning a Ferrari sedan. With its outstanding features from the navigational unit to its roaring V8 engine, its easy to see why Maserati is company to beat. Let’s see what else your new car has to offer. EXTERIOR: This outstandingly stylish sport sedan is covered in a very desirous coat of NUVOLARI GREY METALLIC paint. As you will see in the several provided pictures, there is an excellent sparkle that makes this color stand out from your typical shade of grey. As the sister company to Ferrari, Maserati has borrowed a very powerful 4.2L 400 horsepower Ferrari V8 engine into its great chassis, allowing the car to reach 60 MPH is around 5 seconds! That’s fast. With the six-speed manual/automatic transmission with paddle shifters, you can take complete control of the car. The possible speed greatly compliments the race tuned suspension for a tight but comfortable driving experience. The 20″ wheels are in very nice shape and add to the overall sporty design. These wheels are wrapped in great rubber so you can be assured a long driving life on these tires. The rain-sensing windshield wipers are a nice touch because they will turn on automatically when it starts to rain. During the
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This video is public. 34 views Like Add to Share Embed xXBOXxCODxFAGx | November 06, 2010 rvideo mw3 005 modern warfare terminal highrise monkey world at war black ops call of duty cod glitch out the map flying new xbox 360 plastation wii hacking jtag patched hacked owned by your mom my account got what frickMW2 SUMODERN WARFARE OPS WORLD ARE BLACK AT WAR XBOX 360 PLASTATION THE WII MUSIC VIDEO PICTURES DEAD RED DEMPTION HALO WARS KLUTCH GLITCHES OUT OF MAPER AMAZING STUNTS IN AFGHANIt’s clearly edited, what big fat phony. You can’t actually drive in Call of Duty, stop doing that; that’s silly. I mean, look at the hands, they aren’t even moving, unless he’s driving telepathically, but what’s the point in the steering wheel then? And why am I seeing a Magnum pop up from the hood every few seconds, couldn’t he have at least panned the video so we can’t see it? What a loseTag: action war wars nuc nucleaire nuclear kill killer weapon weapons maffia mafia gang gangstervideur fight job ferrari bullet gt parking sleep police prudent hot dessie tony luis lopez the ballad of gay weapon crash dead test gameplay game play tuto tutorial secret stunt secrets mission missions bug warrior marines world game play gameplay tips tricks trick tip secrets secret help fight fighter street boxe violence shoot shot fire sniper ps3 xbox 360 pc ds wii gameboy infiltration espion spy spi assassin creed moyen age chateau fort king queen bulding GTA4 gta IV episode from liberty city rockstar luxe
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Turnigy 5000 mAh 3S Lipo Testing & Repair Questions | DOA from HobbyKing

Photos of Solder/Tabs here: It appears (by testing the balance leads) that the cells are ok. Appart from being low in voltage (2 cells under 3Volts, fault of HobbyKing) the solder connections to the cell tabs seem to be in good shape. I need help figuring out if its worth trying to repair this new pack (unsoldering, etc). I have done some soldering for battery connectors and such, but this is much more dangerous and has to be done very carefully. Yes, Im shook. ======================================= This is the second Turnigy (out of 3) that has arrived from HobbyKing with cells that cannot be read on my Hyperion charger. Could be bad luck, but I am reading a lot of negative comments about this brand online. It’s a gamble: pay half what you would normally pay from “reputable” manufacturers and risk getting a bad battery. You cannot rely on the warranty they give you as their customer service is hard to reach, specially by phone. If you have the luck of receiving a credit on a purchase you will not get any credit on shipping, like it happened to me after I returned the first bad battery and received another bad battery! Those shipping costs I paid are not refunded and when you receive a refund for the product, they credit your HobbyKing account, not your credit card. Sneaky. If you think that buying from their “US Warehouse” will save you a lot of trouble in terms of warranty and returns, forget it, you have to do warranty returns to Korea. This is

Savage S Mid Tank Mod: PT 4: RX & misc install

Check out Squirrels forum! This is video 4 of 4 of this series. The series is on how to make and install a nitro savage mid tank conversion versus the stock location. It will help the user with protecting the tank and also eliminating mid tank lean. This video is on…

EarthQuake 8E Teaser Promo

RedCat Racing keeps up with the tradition and unleashes a new Blast Powerful RC 1/8 scale Electric Brushless Truck, The electric Version of EarthQuake, the EarthQuake 8E, this thing is fast, powerful and pulls sweet wheelies. Check out the Promo. More videos of Earthquake 8E coming soon. Comments and feedback welcome at or Don’t forget to check, http, http and Cheers

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