Gun Fight Caught On Tape

Little Star Fatima Ptacek

Maggie Rodriguez talks to 9-year-old model and actress Fatima Ptacek about her experiences so far and her plans for the future.
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Al Qaeda’s third in command, Sheikh al Masri was reportedly killed in Pakistan by a US drone missile. As Lara Logan reports, this latest attack has left al Qaeda reeling.
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Exclusive Video: Crowds run when shots ring out downtown

24-Hour News 8 photojournalist Gary Gallinger captured the reaction of the crowds when shots rang out in Downtown Indianapolis
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Cops Killed in Deadly Ambush

Four police officers have been shot to death at a Seattle coffee shop in what officers call ‘a flat-out ambush.’ As Hattie Kauffman reports, officers are still trying to figure out details.
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Arizona is in the national spotlight after passing a controversial immigration reform law. Bill Plante discusses its political impact with Stephanie Condon and Michael Gerson.
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The Showbuzz: Amelia

Hillary Swank portrays real-life aviator Amelia Earhart, while Chris Rock explores hair styles in the African American community on this week’s edition of “The Showbuzz.” CBS News’ Karina Mitchell reports.
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Scott Pelley spends time with a US Marine company battling the enemy in Helmand Province, sent there as part of President Obama’s troop buildup in Afghanistan.

Alleged Cop Killer Shot Dead

A Seattle, Wa. manhunt ends with a shootout between police and the suspect, Maurice Clemmons, who may have killed four police officers.
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Witness Recalls Vegas Shooting

Las Vegas juror Nicholas Gramenos captured the audio of fatal courthouse gunshots on his cell phone video. He told Maggie Rodriguez about seeing the gunman moments before the shots rang out.

Yemen has intensified its battle against al Qaeda extremists in the country and doesn’t want any US troops on the ground. Terry McCarthy reports from Yemen. penny auctions – how to

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Maggie Rodriguez talks to an Atlanta man who was attacked by a rabid fox in a parking lot and the action is captured by a security cam.
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Wilson X-TAC Range Trip.wmv

Gun range visit with Wilson’s new X-TAC 1911. Features unique frontstrap and backstrap checkering, G10 Starburst grips, Wilson’s new “Battlesight’ rear right and fiber-optic front sight, and Wilson’s legendary quality. Read the full review at
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Naga militant gunfight caught on camera
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Magic Bullet Laser Ammo

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Video Of School Board Shootout – اطلاق نار في مدرسه

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the homie and I were sitting in the kitchen talking when we heard multiple gunshots. after a couple minutes, we realized that something big was going on up the street. so we headed to the living room and we saw cop cars converging on the street. We began shooting this video about 5 minutes into the shootout half a block away from the shoot out. Audio is probably more descriptive than the actual video because our window faces the freeway but the trees and darkness blocked our view. plus we were NOT trying to get shot!

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