Karni Mata Temple

Sacred rats drink milk

Sacred rats drink milk in Karni Mata Temple in Deshnok, Rajasthan, India
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“Holy Rats” Ed.herweynen’s photos around Bikaner, India

A TripAdvisor™ TripWow slideshow of a travel blog to Bikaner, India by TravelPod blogger Ed.herweynen titled “Holy Rats” Ed.herweynen’s travel blog entry: “I got blessed by a rat, but more on that later. Travelling now on better roads we were able to make greater distances. The landscape is now dryer, and more deserted. We arrived late in Bikaner. The hotel has a restaurant on top with a view of the city. The entrance of the hotel seems to be a former home of a well off person as the walls were covered in hand carving and the ceiling of all the rooms were hand painted, there were all the photos of trophy kills. But the highlight is going to Karni Mata temple in the morning. In this temple there consider the local rats are reborn story tellers and are worshipped. As a Hindu temple one cannot where shoes, so here we went bear footed (girls wore socks) into a temple with thousands of rats running around. Locals were giving the “holy” rats food and there was a bit bowl of milk that the rats were scrambling to drink. One could get close and pat a rat which I did. It is rumoured that one is blessed if a rat scampers over your feet, then I felt very blessed when one also nibbled at my toe. On the way back into Bikaner we went to another fort, this time the Junagarh Fort (Old Fort). This fort was quite large and had many similarities with other forts, in its segregation of women and carvings etc, but this fort had some rooms laid our as they would have been at the time. The fort

Rat temple 2

more rats from Karni Mata temple

“What’s this milk in my chai?” Benamber’s photos around Bikaner, India

A TripAdvisor™ TripWow slideshow of a travel blog to Bikaner, India by TravelPod blogger Benamber titled “”What’s this milk in my chai?”” Benamber’s travel blog entry: “It has to be said, India is not the quietest country in the world, especially at night. Every night we lay our heads to the sounds of incessant drumming from the nearby temples or the constant horns from the rickshaws stuck in traffic outside. However last night was different, last night we closed out eyes enveloped in absolute silence, a deafening silence, because last night we slept in the desert. This is Bikaner. The bus journey to Bikaner was so bad it was almost funny. We decided to catch the sleeper bus, travel through the night, and arrive relaxed and refreshed at our new destination, well that was the plan anyway. We had even booked a sleeper carriage, our very own personal space, our own bus bedroom if you will, to stretch out and go to sleep. what we got though was far from relaxing, what we got was a luggage rack with a curtain across, barely long enough to fully stretch out, we also had to store our bags in there too. There were no lights, no air con, no windows and no suspension, it felt like being trapped in the boot of a rally car as it raced around a track. We didn’t sleep, we just laughed. We like Bikaner, after the rip off merchants of Pushkar it is nice to wander around with minimal hassle. Due to the distinct lack of tourism the shop keepers reply more on the locals rather than
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Karnimata temple-2

rat temple in bikaner-rajasthan
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Rat temple 1

An accidental video of swarms of rats in Karni Mata Temple

“Bikaner” Hastie’s photos around Bikaner, India

A TripAdvisor™ TripWow slideshow of a travel blog to Bikaner, India by TravelPod blogger Hastie titled “Bikaner” Hastie’s travel blog entry: “So it was another 6 hours in the car to Bikaner. Spent only the night of the 7th here. There is only actually 2 things to see in Bikaner which is the Jungagarh fort as usual it was massive and we managed to get lost again. The highlight of Bikaner was the Karni Mata Temple or commonly referred to the temple of the rats. There is literally hundreds of rats running around in this temple so you remove your shoes and in you go. People do a lot of worshiping at this temple and they sit down and kiss the floor repeatedly (Adam and myself did not partake). We only spent one night here as there is not much to do. On the way home from rat temple we saw a car smaller than a barina with about 7 people in it hit a camel. The car was totaled so we stopped everyone was pretty much ok a few cuts and a bit shaken but all cool and the camel lived to fight another day. Had a nice dinner and beers once more but Adams dinner was not quiet as good as mine and poor old Adam contracted a dose of food poisoning.” Read and see more at: www.travelpod.com Photos from this trip: 1. “Bikaner desert” 2. “Entrance to Janagahr Fort” 3. “I bet Adam 10 rupees to jump in here. He didn’t” 4. “Inside Janagahr Fort” 5. “Inside Karni Mata Temple (rat temple)” 6. “More inside Janagahr Fort” 7. “More Rat Temple” 8. “This rt was on his way out” See this TripWow and more at
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“Bikaner” Tomandchrissy’s photos around Bikaner, India

A TripAdvisor™ TripWow slideshow of a travel blog to Bikaner, India by TravelPod blogger Tomandchrissy titled “Bikaner” Tomandchrissy’s travel blog entry: “Chandra had said that the hotel had a restaurant but when we enquired about dinner the receptionist guy, who spoke next to no English, just shook his head. He did at least suggest a place very nearby and gave directions to our taxi driver who gladly walked us there. At the end of the road he had to ask a guy for directions, which were obviously too complicated for him as he took us to a completely different hotel that was right opposite where we were stood! The food arrived worryingly quickly but tasted average and left no lasting damage. The hotel did offer breakfast at least so we had eggs and toast (most of our breakfasts in India have been either eggs in various forms or stuffed paratha with curd). We left the hotel at around 9am and our taxi took us to Deshnok Karni Mata Temple, aka The Temple of Rats. We had to remove our shoes and we paid a small donation to the shoe kiosk for some foot covers to protect our delicate foreign tootsies from the rat ****. We disappointed the shoe guy by choosing to leave our shoes with our driver rather than having to pay him (or trust him). The queue to get in the temple was long and slow and the boy behind me glued his head to my elbow so he could look round me and get a good view of the weird foreigners. According to legend Karni Mata, an incarnation of Durga who lived in the
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Rat Temple in India

Deshnok Karni Mata Temple Bikaner……

some animals of India

animals of India
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