Quantum Physics

OI RACIST!!!! MESSAGE FOR YOU Anjem Choudary, And All You Other Dark Skinned Haters Of “Whitey”.

You Want To Kill Yourselfs.
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How To Shift Your Consciousness

Rev. Lee Wolak of the Agape Center For Spiritual Living in Plano, Texas shares how to raise your consciousness by being grateful. Learn to empower yourself through the power of gratitude and unconditional love and find the strength from forgiveness.

Understanding Consciousness and Human Self ( Questions from you, Answers from Dr Seyed Azmayesh)

Understanding Consciousness: A Challenge for Modern Science Exploring consciousness through psychology, neuroscience, quantum physics and spiritual insight. Question from you and Answers from Dr Seyed Mostafa Azmayesh

Ron Paul This Speech Gave Me Chills

lifting-the-veil-of-maya.blogspot.com How thehell did we get into this mess in the first place? Please check out lifting-the-veil-of-maya.blogspot.com for a taste of truth (covering a range of interrelated topics such as finance, media consolidation, new world order, occult science, religion, economics, quantum physics, and more). Learn how all these topics are related.
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Angerfist – No Escape From My Wrath (Eastside Connection Rmx)

▒▓█ HΛЯÐϾФЯE █▓▒ Hillsillverr production
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Down the Rabbit Hole – God & the unknown Worlds -12/12*_ true light of life.com

www.truelightoflife.com — http __ Fred Alan Wolf, Ph.D. www.fredalanwolf.com is a physicist, writer, and lecturer who earned his Ph.D. in theoretical physics at UCLA in 1963. His work in quantum physics and consciousness is well known through his popular and scientific writing. He is the author of eleven books. Dr. Wolf’s fascination with the world of physics began one afternoon as a child at a local matinee, when the newsreel revealed the awesome power and might of the world’s first atomic explosion. This fascination continued, leading Wolf to study mathematics and physics. After he received his Ph.D. he began researching the field of high atmospheric particle behavior following a nuclear explosion and worked on Projection Orion-a nuclear propulsion scheme designed for deep space exploration. Wolf’s inquiring mind has delved into the relationship between human consciousness, psychology, physiology, the mystical, and the spiritual. His investigations have taken him from intimate discussions with physicist David Bohm to the magical and mysterious jungles of Peru, from master classes with Nobel Laureate Richard Feynman to the high deserts of Mexico, from a significant meeting with Werner Heisenberg to the hot coals of a fire walk. — Former professor of physics at San Diego State University for twelve years, Dr. Wolf lectures, researches, and teaches worldwide. Dr. Wolf has also appeared as the resident physicist on The Discovery Channel’s The Know Zone and on many radio
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The Equation – The Yes After Yesterday (Author Interview & Trailer) FULL Version

The Story of a young lad born to a wealthy family and shackled on a desolate island of colliding hierarchies. The lonely youth dreams of freedom, yearns for the stars, and contemplates the world beyond. The silent tears from his third eye decode History’s biggest treasure, Time’s Silent Secret: The Equation. Then, the young man leaves his beloved family and abandons his wealthy inheritance to travel all over the globe, with the aspiration of discovering his higher self and the future of life. A wandering philosopher … he experiences great adventures and even greater mental challenges. Failures, tragedies, struggles and surrenders lead him to seize the wrong decision and turn to the dark dimension of the spiritual world. Fast forward: thrills and dangers carry the boy to the brink of death…until the very last moment reveals a miraculous revelation. The youth touches the transcendence of the Light and achieves fulfillment. Join The Equation – The Yes After Yesterday! twitter.com (Over 50000 Followers) www.youtube.com (Youtube Channel) youtu.be (Official Trailer) www.youtube.com (Interview Part 1) www.youtube.com (Interview Part 2) www.youtube.com (Author Interview) theyesafteryesterday.com (Official Website) www.facebook.com vimeo.com Become an Ambassador! theyesafteryesterday.com
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Sounds of Creation – Valley of the Rising Sun *EMF

“The Sound of Creation is in every word.” KF … It is no wonder indigenous peoples around the world struggle to keep their native tongue alive thinking perhaps they may disappear without it… sound and geometries interweave life… Creation * Sound * Cymatics * Science * Spiritual * Symbology * Sacred Geometry * Contemplation * Flower of Life * Love * Original song, “Valley of the Rising Sun” conceived and written in that valley. Please share, rate, and comment.
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Chaos is a Natural Part of Transformation – Robert Williams on CEC

www.CuttingEdgeConsciousness.com Subtle Energy Technology Specialist, Robert O. Williams, joins Barnet Bain and Freeman Michaels on Cutting Edge Consciousness to discuss the process of transformation. Natural law indicates that chaos is part of evolution and transformation in biological systems – this understanding can be applied to virtually ALL aspects of life. This amazing conversation suggests that the dynamic tension of our times is a natural and normal part of our evolution. Catastrophic thinking and hysteria are not empowered ways to address the challenges we currently face as a species. In fact, understanding the energetic nature of change can go a long way to more gracefully and effectively welcome in the essential metamorphosis of human consciousness that we are currently going though. Please visit Robert’s website at: www.clarus.com

Fifth Dimension “The Age Of Aquarius” Quantum Ocean -51*_ true light of life.com

www.truelightoflife.com — http __ Symbols of the Age of Aquarius: Every two thousand years the age changes, the last change happening at the time of the arrival of Christ. The time has come for us to pass from the Age of Pisces into the Age of Aquarius. The Age of Aquarius is also called the Golden Age because it is destined to set our minds free from ignorance and delusion. . — We are living in an Age of Pisces Matrix. Time to leave it and build an Age of Aquarius Matrix – Now that we have entered the Age of Aquarius, where we have a new paradigm to work with, we must be careful. The new paradigm called the Laws of Quantum Physics tells us that we live in an infinite, timeless, space less ocean of thinking energy called the Quantum Ocean, Mind of God. And thoughts are things that create. Here is the Danger. The past 2000 years, which was called the Age of Pisces, has created the physical reality we see all around us. It needs to be updated. We need to think differently now that we are in the Age of Aquarius. We need to think new and better thoughts to create a new and better reality. — Symbols of the Age of Aquarius: Every two thousand years the age changes, the last change happening at the time of the arrival of Christ. The time has come for us to pass from the Age of Pisces into the Age of Aquarius. The Age of Aquarius is also called the Golden Age because it is destined to set our minds free from ignorance and delusion.

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