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1/14/11 – AZTV Interview The Equation – The Yes After Yesterday, James Tarantin – Part 1

The Franchise Type: A spiritual-philosophical Book with Adventure-Thriller elements. In 2012 The Equation will be introduced… and you will see why 2012 won’t be…like “2012”. The Story of a young lad born to a wealthy family and shackled on a desolate island of colliding hierarchies. The lonely youth dreams of freedom, yearns for the stars, and contemplates the world beyond. The silent tears from his third eye decode History’s biggest treasure, Time’s Silent Secret: The Equation. Then, the young man leaves his beloved family and abandons his wealthy inheritance to travel all over the globe, with the aspiration of discovering his higher self and the future of life. A wandering philosopher … he experiences great adventures and even greater mental challenges. Failures, tragedies, struggles and surrenders lead him to seize the wrong decision and turn to the dark dimension of the spiritual world. Fast forward: thrills and dangers carry the boy to the brink of death…until the very last moment reveals a miraculous revelation. The youth touches the transcendence of the Light and achieves fulfillment. Join The Equation – The Yes After Yesterday! twitter.com (Over 50000 Followers) www.youtube.com (Youtube Channel) youtu.be (Official Trailer) www.youtube.com (Interview Part 1) www.youtube.com (Interview Part 2) www.youtube.com (Author Interview) theyesafteryesterday.com (Official Website) www.facebook.com vimeo.com Become an Ambassador! theyesafteryesterday.com

Time Machine

Download mp3: homepage.mac.com

Franck-Hertz Experiment

The principle of FH experiment.

The Power of Thought: 15-1 Everything is Consciousness

www.facebook.com Dr. Bruce King talks about the physics evidence that everything is consciousness.

Biotech Revolution 5 of 6

Biotech Revolution Playlist: www.youtube.com www.youtube.com Genetics and Biotechnology promise a future of unprecedented health and longevity: DNA screening could prevent many diseases, gene therapy could cure them and, thanks to lab-grown organs, the human body could be repaired as easily as a car, with spare parts readily available. Ultimately, the ageing process itself could be slowed down or even halted. Leading theoretical physicist and futurist Michio Kaku looks at the revolution in genetics and biotechnology, which promises unprecedented health and longevity but also raises the spectre of a Frankenstein future of genetically engineered people. Will we, as transhumanists expect, evolve into a new species? Dr Kaku warns that we may end up in a world divided by genetic apartheid. Visions of the Future: Episode 1: The Intelligence Revolution www.youtube.com Theoretical physicist and futurist Michio Kaku shows how, in the 21st century, artificial intelligence is going to become as ubiquitous as electricity, how robots with human-level intelligence may finally become a reality, and how we’ll even be able to merge our minds with machine intelligence. As the challenges and choices are literally mind-bending, Dr Kaku asks how far we will ultimately go. Episode 2: The Biotech Revolution www.youtube.com Leading theoretical physicist and futurist Michio Kaku looks at the revolution in genetics and biotechnology, which promises unprecedented health and longevity but also
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Franck-Hertz Experiment 2

The principle of FH experiment.
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‘A Virus Walks Into a Bar…’ and Other Science Jokes – Brian Malow

Complete video at: fora.tv Science comedian Brian Malow jokes that a virus is “the ultimate David and Goliath” when compared with humans. He then rattles off a series of science-related jokes. “Schrodinger’s cat walks into a bar, and doesn’t.” —– Brian Malow’s YouTube Channel: www.youtube.com Brian Malow’s blog: www.sciencecomedian.com Brian Malow’s videos for Time Magazine: bit.ly Brian Malow (@sciencecomedian) on Twitter: www.twitter.com Now an accomplished stand-up comic whose career has spanned more than a decade to include performances on CBS, A&E, TechTV, and the Discovery Channel, Brian Malow turns his sharp wit upon his first love: the world of science. Brian entertains and ignites interest in science with hysterical, thought-provoking science comedy routines about the environment, insects and viruses, evolution and extinction, the speed of light, gravity, cell phones, computers — everything under the Sun — and even the Sun itself! Brian makes science funny, exciting and easily digestible for all audiences. Wonderfest, the Bay Area Festival of Science, is held each year in the beginning of November. Enjoy fascinating discussions between world-class scientists on cutting edge topics, as well as other fun exhibitions. Visit Wonderfest.org and join.

An alien device has been discovered beneath the surface (Ad for a SCI-FI BOOK)

CLICK HERE www.krsnovels.com KYIRUX: THE MESSAGE OF PASCAL, A new form of Human species exists, besides the 3 levels. KYIRUX: THE MESSAGE OF PASCAL Religious beliefs of Alines, Intelligent life and their mind set on religion. What did alines believe in? Did alines have Jesus Christ, The coming of Jesus Christ, was Jesus an Alien. Muslim beliefs, Hindu Beliefs, Islam religion, teach of Islam, Teaching of Dr. Zakir Naik may be no use with the aliens. reg veda, atar veda, Religion Christianity Islam Judisiam Jews Jewish Hindu Skihs Muslims “Dr. Zakir Naik Theories” “Dr. Zakir Naik on Islam” “Osho Rajnesh” “J. Krishnamurti” “Vedic Astrology” Astrology Numerology “Jesus Christ” Jesus “Was Jesus Real” “2001 Space Odyssey” “Stanley Kuberic” “Steven King” “Stephen Hawkins” “Stephen Hawkins theories” ET “Extra Terrestrials” “Ufo” ET” “Extra Terrestrials” “the unknown” “4th dimension” “The Koran” “The bibble” “Bhagwat Ghita” “Kabala” “The Devil” “The devil worshiper” “The Amazing Atheists” Another dire warning for 2012, k.raaj shrivastave

4/6. The Human Experience: Life, Health, Love,Emotions,Aging

www.encognitive.com What the Bleep Do We Know—The Movie Filmed in Portland, Oregon, What the Bleep Do We Know blends a fictional story line, documentary-style discussion, and computer animation to present a viewpoint of the physical universe and human life within it, with connections to neuroscience and quantum physics. Some ideas discussed in the film are * The universe is best seen as constructed from thought (or ideas) rather than from substance. * “Empty space” is not empty. * Beliefs about who one is and what is real form oneself and one’s realities. * Peptides manufactured in the brain can cause a bodily reaction to an emotion. In the narrative segments of the movie, Marlee Matlin portrays Amanda, a deaf photographer who acts as the viewer’s avatar as she experiences her life from startlingly new and different perspectives. In the documentary segments of the film, interviewees discuss the roots and meaning of Amanda’s experiences. The comments focus primarily on a single theme: We create our own reality. The director, William Arntz, has described What the Bleep as a movie for the “metaphysical left”. www.whatthebleep.com
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Gratitude – with Deepak Chopra

www.MyDivineLife.com Deepak Chopra guided meditation. How can biofeedback help me achieve a longer, healthier, happier life? http The word meditation comes from the Latin meditatio, which originally indicated every type of physical or intellectual exercise, then later evolved into the more specific meaning “contemplation.” Eastern spiritual teachings, including meditation, have been adapted and increasingly practiced in Western culture. www.MyDivineLife.com – Stress is medically proven to have negative effects on the body and takes its toll on our physical and mental well-being on a cellular level. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, up to 80 percent of the doctor visits in the USA are triggered by a stress-related illness. Healing Rhythms unique biofeedback program is designed to help you uncover your body’s own natural ability to counter the wear and tear that everyday stress has on your health. http healing – Healing Rhythms uses biofeedback to access your innate healing abilities to restore your physical, mental and spiritual health.” You hold in your hands your healthy life balance neurofeedback biofeedback spirituality stress relief headache mental power mind power energy flow aura www.MentalDimension.com – a resource of greatest mind body soul spirutal brain and mental power tools explanations psychology mentaphysics quantum physics hypnosis nlp resource recommendation on best spiritual books mind books self-help programs to open your mind
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