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如何扭扭計骰-第二層的步驟廣東話版有問題請問,,, 我好樂意回答的!!..
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Ice Cube friday music video
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Important F2L Algorithms For Intuitive F2L Users These are just a collection of a few algorithms that you should learn even if you use intuitive F2L. The reason behind it is the move count. The whole reason someone will learn F2L algorithms is to reduce their move count and as a result, speed up their times. These few cases however, are hard to do intuitively and would require a lot of turns. Cube:Edison ALGORITHMS 1. Pair in slot with edge un-oriented: RU’ R’ d R’ U2 R U2′ R’ UR 2. Pair in slot with corner twisted CCW: R U2′ RUR’ UR U2′ R2′ 3. Pair in slot with corner twisted CW: RUR’ U’ R U2 R’ U’ RUR’ 4. Corner above destination, facing up, with edge flipped: U2 R2′ U2 R’ U’ RU’ R2′ 5. Mirror of last case: (y’) U2 R2′ U2 RUR’ U R2 6. Top color of corner different from edge, and misaligned: U’ RUR’ URUR’ 7. Mirror of last case: (y) UL’ U’ LU’ L’ U’ L 8. Pair with edge flipped, with bottom color facing right: R’ U2 R2′ U R2′ UR 9. Mirror of last case: (y) L U2′ L2′ U’ L2 U’ L’ 10. Edge correct, corner on top facing right: U’ R U2′ R’ URUR’ 11: Same as last case, with edge unoriented: U’ RUR’ d R’ U’ R 12: Edge correct, corner on top facing front: U’ RU’ R’ U2 RU’ R’ 13: Same as last case, but edge unoriended: U’ RUR’ d R’ U’ R #88 – Top Favorited (Today) – Sports
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Dzięki wszystkim za udane zawody :)
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Как собрать Кубик Рубика 4х4х4.Часть 3. Паритеты

Решение ситуаций, которые невозможны в кубике 3х3х3 / Tutorial how to solve Rubik’s cube 4x4x4 (in Russian language) Part 3/3. Parities
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Resolver el Cubo 5×5 PARTE 4 (PARIDADES) Tutorial en español

Resolver el Cubo 5×5 (Rubik’s Cube)PARTE 4 (PARIDADES) Tutorial en español

Dean Chase Takes On “The Cube” In Part 1 Of ITV 1’s Brand New Gameshow “THE CUBE”. Hosted By Philip Schofield.
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Rubik’ 2x2x2 from 3x3x3 / DIY 2x2x2

I’ve made a 2x2x2 cube from a 3x3x3, and I made a video about some steps. Sorry for the bad quality…

Quelques résolutions filmés

BOoba (=Looupy8) test son nouveau matériel : stackmat, tapis, et Dayan Guhong (rubik’s cube qui déchiiiiiire !!!) Les temps de résolution : 20.91, 18.84, 15.53, 20.61, 16.53, 16.75, 19.55, 21.28, 26.56, 18.50
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Rubiks Cube Magic! How?!

Предсказание результата попыток сборки кубика Рубика с точностью до сотых! Magic prediction of the Rubik’s Cube solving time by Mikhail Rostovikov, Russia

How to Solve the Floppy Cube (1x3x3) by: CustomCubes

Follow us on Twitter: The Floppy Cube (1x3x3) is am easy puzzle to solve when you know how the proper way to solve it. Shown in this video is going over the notation of the cube, the order in which to solve the faces, and how to solve different face permutations. ALGORITHMS: the H permutation- M,D,M,D the 2 dots- U,R,U,R (hold the two dots in the upper right hand corner of the cube) Face Checkerboard- U,R,D,U,R,D,L,R,U,D Outer Band Checkerboard- U,R,D,U,R,D If you have any questions feel free to ask us, and don’t forget to Subscribe.
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