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Kid Scientists Late Show With David Letterman 2009 May14

KID SCIENTISTS: It’s the kids from Naperville, Illinois here to demonstrate the latest scientific principles they’ve learned.


Me and my friend Will’s experiment w/ Sprite+Mentos.
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World’s Quickest Personality Test

Follow @RichardWiseman on Twitter for more quirky psychology
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Styrofoam + Nail Polish Remover

Bored One Evening, And Something Completely Normal Happens :)

10 Science Tricks to Impress Your Pals in a Party

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Tricky TV Levitation

Tricky TV Levitation
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christmas party SJEVEL comp shop part3

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Trick of the day: Fs tail slide to bank…

Trick of the day…. Whoever said this was fun was sooo right 😀
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The Trick

A trick that friends of mine did!
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Christmas Parties

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