Shark Bites

Isla Vista Shark Attack

Don’t do it if you can’t hang.

shark attack at ocean city maryland

Great White Shark Near a Diver!!!

This shows a Great White Shark attackign a scuba diver. world record fish, megalodons is it real, deadly poisonous snakes, world record hunting animals, scarface, and magic tricks, push it to the limit, what the hell are you waiting for, bunnies, halo 3, xbox 360, ps3, funny, linebacker,…
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Louise catches a Maco shark

Louise catches a Maco shark off shore of San Diego 12-23-06.

Shark Attack….Human Style

This movie proves there are evil people lurking around.
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Espana 2007 – Benidorm – Shark attack

Fear into the swimming pool
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It was time to feed the sharks at the underwater observatory marine park in Eilat Israel.

Black Tip Shark Feeding on Beach Site!!

Black Tip Baby Shark Feeding On the Beach Site with the well trained skill only with a bait on hand
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surf chick gets attacked…
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Shark Attack.

A Shark Attack at TopSail Island.

About 10 Carribean Reef Sharks are fed straight after we scuba dived with them! Crazy Stuff
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Vacation in Hawaii Ends with Shark Attack

The Play Dougherty Family goes out to Waikiki for a short swim and surf with the sharks….danger lurks below as the shark finds the teen in a Waikiki huge wave
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great white shark attack

white shark attack on young women in australia
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a few of my friends and i were just floating along fishing, suddenly we were flanked by a 30ft. Great White Shark. Get Your Own Great White Shark Fish Mount at
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Shark attack!! Miami Sunny Isles

Sharks @ miami

a shark attack in greece-xylokastro bay…
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