Siamese Twins

Lacunna – 04 Black Dolls Take The Honors

Coletivo Cultcha – Siamese Twins. 13 de novembro de 2009. Botiquim Blues, Taguatinga, DF. Imagens Alexandre Branco. Acesse: Blog: Twitter: Orkut: Myspace:
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siamesisches Gemüse siamese vegetable Skandalös Mutant
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the ted 2.3GP

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seeing siamese twins
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Brothers_of the head.

.Siamese twins from obscurity. .freakish rock’n’roll act.

And so it begins…..

It’s me.
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Freaky woman

an interviewer transforms fat to skinny, its the freakiest thing ever

Erica and Erin Fight

erica and erin are in a fight

La Casa de Nona – chapter one

Nona, is an old beauty. She gives birth to a triplet and two siamese-twins. Life has just begun at Nona’s. ____________________________________________________________ Nona es una bella anciana, que da a luz a trillizos ya una pareja de gemelos siameses. Como la gallina o el huevo…os doy mi propia versión. Follow the show at : Sigue la serie en : ♥

Conjoined twins, Faith and Hope, born to teenager

A woman has given birth to conjoined twins by Caesarean section. Laura Williams, 18, from Shrewsbury, Shropshire, gave birth to the girls, named Faith and Hope, at University College Hospital, London. They are believed to be joined from their breastbone to their navel but have separate hearts. A family spokesman said things were looking “fairly positive” for the girls, who have since been moved to London’s Great Ormond Street Hospital. Conjoined twins are rare and figures range from one in about every 200000 births to one in about 400000 live births. –

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