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Grateful Dead – Little Red Rooster (1986-03-24) Spectrum

Grateful Dead “Little Red Rooster” Live @ The Spectrum Philadelphia, PA March 24th, 1986 Whole entire show from 03/24/1986: ———- Set I ———- Grateful Dead – Alabama Getaway – Greatest Story Ever Told Grateful Dead – Dire Wolf Grateful Dead – Little Red Rooster Grateful Dead – Brown-Eyed Women Grateful Dead – My Brother Esau Grateful Dead – Ramble On Rose Grateful Dead – El Paso Grateful Dead – Box of Rain ———- Set II ———- Grateful Dead – Mississippi Half-Step Grateful Dead – Man Smart-Woman Smarter Grateful Dead – High Time Grateful Dead – Lost Sailor Grateful Dead – Saint Of Circumstance Grateful Dead – Drums Grateful Dead – Space Grateful Dead – Morning Dew ———- Encore ———- Grateful Dead – Midnight Hour
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Just Like Me (remix) with D-pryde

One of my favorite tracks so i decided to make a remix 2 it click on the link 2 Lyrics: Hook: Your Just Like Me, Im Just Like You you already know, what we gon do we gon rock, rock, rock, rock, rock,pretty lady rock, rock,rock,rock,rock pretty lady (x2) verse 1: the way you act babygirl so familiar/ i think you and i are so similar/ yo attitude, plus the way you think/ a reflection of me, i dnt need no mirror/ from the first time that we met/ of course i could never forget/ when you walked into the room/ i was attracted to you/ scene was ludacris, but i wasnt actin a fool/ and we kept it real cool/ i took time and i got 2 know you/ started texting, chattin on facebook/ start with one convo, can we make it 2?/ x and o’s, smiley faces in your text/ girls be up awake but this woman betta the the rest/ since i found her,clean air to breathe/ or maybe i found myself, cause she be just like me/ Hook(x2) Verse 2: Beautiful, elegant, need i say more?/ she is that rare, type you cant afford/ make u feel blessed, shes an upgrade/ from your past ex, dropped ur past ways. every minute cant stop thinkin bout her/ dont wnna blink cause you dont wanna take your eyes off of her/ personality and beauty/ i cater 2 u for ur every need, i think its destiny/ and im feelin lucky, this is what i want/ opposites attract? i think its false/ cause when i look at you, all i can see/ past your beauty, is another version of me/ she is so smart, she knows what she wants/ she
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Hillbilly Deluxe Smooth Trail Safe Gaited Horse For Sale.wmv

3950.00 – Heads are sure to turn as you ride by on this handsome fella! He is as smart as he is pretty…safe, sane and ready to be someones favorite trail buddy! He is not afraid of anything, he will go where you want him to go, willingly and safely. Hillbilly Deluxe is a breath-taking, No-Fade Black and White gelding with a smooth way of going that is just made for a long day on the trails! This gorgeous 14.3h, 5yo gelding is extremely confident and comfortable on the trails…a very willing and consistent trail partner, with miles and miles of trail experience. Hillbilly is sound and current on all health care. He is easy to saddle and Loads/Unloads and Re-loads on any trailer! This fearless gelding is a fantastic all-around horse with easy, smooth gait, striking good looks and willing disposition. He is confident and NOT spooky…goes anywhere you ask him to go…anytime! He is surefooted in any kind of terrain and he has navigated through some pretty rough stuff! He is great around traffic and 4 wheelers and has a confident and gentle mind.Desensitized to hikers, ATV’s, traffic, bikes, ropes, tarps & dogs. Outstanding manners on the ground or in the saddle. Any confident rider with basic riding skills can handle him. He has been ridden through shallow AND fairly deep water with no problems. Loads/Unloads/Reloads easily, trailers well, stands tied quietly, crossties, clips, bathes, stands for farrier/vet. If you are looking for a smooth gaited horse with a fearless
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LL Cool J feat. Kelly Price – You & Me

[LL Cool J] [Kelly Price harmonizes in background] Yeah, uhh, uhh Word up And you say New York City A-ha-ha, word up (Take me away, baby) Uhh, uhh, uhh.. uhh Damn, you and your man had beef so he left you Uptown, teary eyed, on the back streets for me to scoop up in the Bentley drop Long as God hold me down you know I had to stop What the deal ma? You wanna use my cell? You runnin solo? This block foul as hell You said my ex be beatin on me He mad jealous even though he be cheatin on me Mmm, I said miss, let me tell you somethin bout who’s makin major moves and who’s frontin Huh, who’s talkin loud but ain’t sayin nuttin And those who get the one they want but keep frontin He don’t appreciate the well til it run dry Love is blind, it’s hard to say goodbye (goodbye baby) But smart birds choose to fly cause we livin in the hood girlfriend, it’s do or die Here’s my definition, of love everlasting I would trade all my cash in, for passion Tiffany jewels and designer fashions to hear happiness is mine for the askin Every day on my knees I pray that I would run into someone that make me feel this way What you think, you wanna ride with L? Some things are meant to be baby, you never can tell (I wanna ride, with you baby) [Chorus: Kelly Price] Every night, every day I just sit and dream about you You and me… you and me… Hold me tight, ecstasy Makin’ love ’til ever after Baby you and me, yeah… you and me… [LL Cool J] Now we dippin on the FDR It’s one of them lucky nights
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Shabazz Palaces – 4 Shadows

Shabazz Palaces song 4 Shadows off self titled album Feel free to let me know if you hear something different than below…happy to change em Yea, grindin on the microphone Squares are sleeping kings on thrones You betta break bread nigga. You niggas think everythings alright cuz Jay-Z got a hoop team huh? And you can buy a, Vegas set on a LA backlot Please man, look around Betta break bread niggas Palaceer Lazaro Due to the fall and collapse of the fly by these so called ballers who rap I twist my bass till it stack so it dont stall so its not to fall through the trap To be an MC is pact not an act and in fact its an honor react to My styles theyll charm you they whack, so dance cuz this way bomber than that Cruise one arm out the lac the alarms on my lap aint no turning back to The way things was I adapt to pimp styles thats new when Im getting at you And every nigga fact is a actual, recognize the cash rule to its only natural Since you getting it they gonna come and tap you, they gonna have the gats too, when they comin at you To break bread nigga, bread nigga bread nigga bread nigga(x3) Break bread Silk. Yes ma dude some say Im rude great for food no change in the attitude Be compassionate I aint never been mad at you actually, Im far beyond gratitude To yall cats that are way back thats on you, hit the hood man gats on you For my real my nigga it be easier to break bread Its a shame the lames are tossed up, got the game crossed up, real bosses boss up Create the

Drake – Light Up (Cookin Soul Remix) NEW! With Lyrics

Lyrics: Big Poppa throwing niggas off a cliff Smokin’ spliffs disappear with my bitch In a Mitsubishi Eclipse Read my lips “I kill you” Blood will spill too Did I say thank you I grant you three wishes Cause I be the genie Niggas is ass out like fat bitches in bikini Read between the lines see what I see I see the diary of a sick bastard Junior Mafia blasta Ruggas on the hips Bought coke to flip chicks Bought bullets to fill clips Flippin cokes in corner stores bodega In the back room playin’ Sega “Street Fighter 2” I’m invitin’ you Get your writing crews And they dopest rhymes I hit up in that ass everytime Lyrically I’m untouchable,uncrushable Gettin’ mad blunted in the six hundred Benz ask your friends, “Who’s The Illest?” Lickin shots niggas screamin “Bigge Smalls tried to kill us!” It don’t stop, It dont stop, watch the hit nigga It don’t stop, It dont stop, watch the hit nigga Drake Hook: Who would have thought I’d be caught in this life? Let’s celebrate with a toast And get lost in tonight And make it all light up (Hey, Guru, tell hom’ to go to open that Ace right there), Wait until the sun goes down We gon’ make this bitch light up Even when the sun goes down I’m gon’ make this go Jay z Verse: Owww, hoes turn they heads like, owls I’m the man of the hour Triple entendre, don’t even ask me how Con Edison flow, I’m connected to a higher power Bright life’d make your whole city light up A trillion-watt light bulb, when I’m in the nightclub I just landed in that in

L. Ron Harald – mæ å min kadett (med lyrics & video)

lyric: Mæ å min Kadett – mæ å min Kadett Opel Kadett den æ oltins numme jet Mæ å min Kadett – mæ å min Kadett Opel Kadett den æ oltins numme jet Mæ å min Kadett – mæ å min Kadett Opel Kadett den æ oltins numme jet Mæ å min Kadett – mæ å min Kadett Opel Kadett den æ oltins numme jet L:Ron:Harald han ælske sin Kadett Å køie i Kadett det æ fannemgame fedt Dobbeltkarburator å e hele svineri Tysk mekanik det æ nau vi ka li Så L:Ron:Harald han æ mæ oe hold Fåk BMW få Harald han æ kold Opel Kadett se det er nau dæ ka holle Næ æ ligge å e bachsæi mæ Conni å bolle Min Mann Kedde Knoch han ordne e maskin Benzin-indsprøjtning å olt det fin Min Kadett den æ fei fordi at den hæ tun Den køi doffelt så stærkt som en folkevun Mæ å min Kadett – mæ å min Kadett Opel Kadett den æ oltins numme jet Mæ å min Kadett – mæ å min Kadett Opel Kadett den æ oltins numme jet Mæ å min Kadett – mæ å min Kadett Opel Kadett den æ oltins numme jet Mæ å min Kadett – mæ å min Kadett Opel Kadett den æ oltins numme jet Freda efte arbe – itt’ så møj pjat Hot dogs hos Arne indte’ æ æ sat U oe gai o mæ e møts Ind ie Kadett å så nei te mutte Pötz Frem mæ æ D-mark vi køife det vi plaie 100 flaske whisky å 2000 baje Så ska vi i by å ha gang i naun dame Vi ræbbe å vi prutte å vi brække vos å larme Nei ie by e Kadett den hæ plas E hele bil æ fyldt me bajre å hass Møies mæ æ knaite oe råihusplas Rase en tur e maskin den fee gas Hen forbi e Smeie vi køre i konvoj Keieldragt å vi æ smart ie tøj E Kadett den æ nett det æ
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Pit Bull / lab Puppies Growning up(Bingo)

another one of JoJo’s puppies

High Intelligence of Animals

Humans have yet to completely discover the cleverness and cognitive depth of our smart furry, finned and feathered friends. ANTS communicate with each other, navigate by landmark and beacon use, are able to estimate quite precisely numbers of encounters with members of other colonies on their feeding areas. BATS recognize individual voices and utilize echolocation to navigate. BEES communicate where food is through their dance and can learn to decipher the language of bees on other continents. BIRDS’ extensive intelligence, developed from adaptive brainpower, enabled them to avoid extinction 65 million years ago. BONOBOS can learn sign language to communicate with humans and invent new combinations of symbols to express thoughts. CATS have a good memory which aids them in their learning processes and exhibit qualities of intelligence such as curiosity, creative problem solving and communication. CHICKENS have a complex social organization where they can remember more than 100 other chickens; communicate through over 30 types of vocalizations; demonstrate self-control; pass along cultural knowledge from one generation to the next; understand cause and effect relationships; can solve math problems; and are able to be effective therapy animals. CHIMPANZEES use a variety of tools; can communicate by sign language; and have outperformed human college students in tasks requiring remembering numbers. COWS are excellent at remembering things; have social relationships; are
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Ants Empire ep.1:Cataglyphis ants..The sun as a COMPASS?!!

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