Snake Bites


I got this new peircing. :] Plus i was bored.

How to make a fake lipring (snake bite) for halloween

FOR HALLOWEEN just read the name. songs= #1 Muse: can’t take my eyes off you #2 Muse: Super massive black hole #3 Paramore: Misery business

Mangrove snake

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Garter Snake

boys find blue razor snake
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Dead Snake_Permaculture CH

Fledgling rattle snake bites off more than it can chew in the Sonoma coastal mountain range. It’s jungle law: eat or be eatin! This is nature cleaning up. Now the ants are eating both contrincantes de esa lucha ya pasada….

how to hide septum

My Piercings, and Tattoos!

Just the piercings I have. Nape Vertical Labret Snake bites Nose Ears And many more to come… Any question feel free to ask me, I will video any answers. I will hopefully get an apprenticeship to become a piercing artist in the future! Thanks guys.

Moroccan Snake Charmer in Marrakech gets Bitten

Watch this Moroccan Snake Charmer get bitten by this Cobra. It happens around the 1 minute 10 second portion of the clip. So pay attention.
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After midnight post for panda bear!

Just posting about my snake bites.
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Communic – Fooled by the serpent ( Helmond 2007) part 1

COMMUNIC live @ Plato Holland part 1 1 sept 2007

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