Strange Laws

Ron Paul’s What If ? Remastered i did not make this. i downloaded it from someone else, in the original video the music in the middle part was too loud, so i increased the volume of Dr. Paul’s voice that is the only change i made to this video
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Binks and Dolly’s Attempt at Wagon Riding. WATCH ITS GOOD!

Well, were back.. and this our attempt at widing a very small wagon, down a very large hill… with a nice face plant at the end 😀
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Funny Vegitables – So Graham Norton

Amazing what you can do with some fruit and veg.

Horrible Histories – Charles II – King of Bling [CAPTIONED]

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A compilation of weird, funny objects found in Graham’s desk draw.
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Curse on a mini golf course

My bff leeza and I were just chillin at her house and she was looking through my dumb laws app
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The Dumbest Law of the Day

yet another weird and dumb law
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Vlog Numero Dos !

Road Trip 😀

How to diss the law

awsome funny vid about the dumb laws
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A Worm Named SPANK: Flavored Cigarettes (AKA HANDOUTZ)

Spank realizes that his favorite thing to smoke has been illegalized by special interest nanniezzzz. (c) 2009,

Kids say no to S373

My nephews getting involved to stop this terrible bill. Visit and for more info.
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Take this seriously, please.

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