Thats Really Wild

Giant eel attacks……….


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This guy is really good! Get more videos, access this website:
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Removing a snapping turtle from car – part 2

Second part of getting a snapping turtle out of the car using a dustpan as a shield.

Boy saves his sister thanks to World of Warcraft skillls


f*ck you, pay me!

from the movie good fellas

El Toro POV

This is another pov of the El Toro rollercoaster at Six Flags Great Adventure. Note: It is against strict park rules to bring camera’s on board any ride/attraction. It is for the safety of everyone. The only reason this video was posted (not mine) Was because there weren’t any El Toro POVs on Youtube. I would never break park rules, as they can injure or kill you if not followed.
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Deadly Comets & Meteors {Ep.38} (χωρίς) Θανάσιμοι Κομήτες&μετεωρίτες

Next Episode: ₪₪₪₪₪₪₪₪₪₪₪₪₪₪₪₪₪₪₪₪₪₪₪₪₪₪₪₪₪₪₪₪₪₪₪₪₪₪₪₪₪₪₪₪₪₪₪ Playlist: (Contain all videos for season 3) History Channel — The Universe — Deadly Comets and Meteors — Θανάσιμοι Κομήτες και μετεωρίτες (Season 3 – Episode 6) ₪₪₪₪₪₪₪₪₪₪₪₪₪₪₪₪₪₪₪₪₪₪₪₪₪₪₪₪₪₪₪₪₪₪₪₪₪₪₪₪₪₪₪₪₪₪₪
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Public Health 257B – Fall 2009 – Lecture 3

Public Health Preparedness and Emergency Response Professor Thomas Aragon

Michael Sikorsky – Buying Money

Created for – Your guide to raising financing when the sky is falling. Lecture given at CGI on 2009-02-04 in Calgary, AB.

Dominicano lo parte un Rayo

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