Weird Animals

Believe it or not

I believe these were made in photoshop.

This is one of my many spore creatures.
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Maine coon cat does the praying mantis

Goofy cat Jim does this when he wants to go outside.
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What about leather tastes so good! This dog liked it! I filmed molly on a shoot one day, she belongs to photographer James rudland.

Me doin the milkshake dance!

My milkshake brings all the boys to the yard =]]
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My cats attack noise… he saw a bug…

Penny the stud was working the ground to get a date with this filly

Dog covers himself / Hund deckt sich selber zu

How one of our dogs goes to bed

Giraffes making out

the colorado zoo raises some weird animals

Spider in house.
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strange halston

weird animals in my office. got a little scared
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Biodome Montreal

upclose to two weird animals
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This video was uploaded from an Android phone.
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Bobcat vs Golden Eagle

This shortclip has three goals: aware people about the wildlife beauties, the importance of their protection and advertise the original documentary from which this clip was removed. PLEASE BUY ORIGINAL PRODUCTS. Don’t stimulate piracy. Don’t buy illegal products, such as dvds. This way you encourage companies to keep on filming the wildlife. Don’t stimulate any harmful action to nature. Don’t buy wild animals and animals’ derivative products, legal or illegal, such as coats and shoes. And don’t hunt. Sorry about possible english mistakes. From: Marty Stouffer’s “Wild America”
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Why does my cast think he’s a dog?

Why does my cat Mookie insist on drinking out of the toilet? He’s not a dog. Filmed for
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