2012 Underground Shelter Project part 16 of 16

This is a 16 part series trying to give people a look at whats going on in the world. Sometimes people aren’t able to connect the dots , sometimes they don’t care to. Or sometimes they just aren’t able to find all the information in one place. This is some of the events I see building up to 2012 at which time I strongly believe the world is going to be put in a state of Chaos by astronomical events, maybe solar or a combination of things begining with the alignment. You can call me what ever you want, but all the great profits from around the world that never knew each other or their works seem to all have the same visions about 2012, that not just something we should look past. There has never been a date in time where so many events are possible, events that may change everything we know. The Ancients have been telling us this since that last catoclysim. Read the facts, do your own homework,study before you run your mouth as I have studied none stop for 4 years now, I watch the trends, I look at the signs, I READ constantly, I compair notes, I look at the flakes version of things and I look at the scientists version of things and somewhere in the middle is where you find your answers. Don’t be affraid to learn new things, what we have been taught in those really expensive text books are NOT always right. There has been a grose scientific coverup of Anthropology,Geneology,specially archeology in general, because no body wants to have to rewrite history and God knows

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