Elvis Presley last song ever 1977

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  • qqsomething:

    @michiganstopcat Elvis is more famous than JFK around the world…..so 99.9% of the world are wrong for liking Elvis, but you are the one 0.01% that is correct about what you’re saying. I would be ashamed to be an American and criticize and putting down one of greatest symbols why America is know in the world. Anyway, your 15 minutes of fame are coming to an end, and don’t be innocent and arrogant (like most americans are), watch China and Japan.they will rule the world for the next decades

  • michiganstopcat:

    @qqsomething Do you know who the real three KINGS are? JFK? He was nothing more then a mobster son who rose to power on the backs of criminals and stupid tax payers like yourself!!! Now ass wipe who are the real KINGS in the music industry? Ill give you another hint they just finished touring and they play in the same band and their from Canada and if Elvis was still alive hed be their biggest biggest fan.

  • universum111:

    ein kaiser tritt ab

  • missingtyson:

    @thechristopher1111 yeah thats why she left him,so she could have all is money. Damn LOL She never had to take his money he would freely give it to her she was the love of his life.

  • papawx3:

    Why botch your songs Elvis? people paid good money to come see you sing your songs, AND DO THEM RIGHT. Were you high {as usual} when you did your show?


    @thechristopher1111 It is unwise to judge a situation or circumstance in less YOU LIVED IT. Another persons reasons for “breaking up” and what goes on behind closed doors is totally different than what you PERCEIVE….

  • ponkilink:

    plus tax..if he use to complain about tax in america ask him to came to brazil…if he is not dad .going to kill him self

  • qqsomething:

    @michiganstopcat —–quote: “Who the fuck is Leonard Bernstein always?” Really? How ignorant can you be? You belt your grave here….it’s like asking who was JFK! Go learn some history before you have any arguments to present…..ignorant asshole

  • EyeShotFirst1:

    @michiganstopcat Anybody who says “Who the fuck is Leonard Bernstein always?,” instantly loses their right to have an opinion on music.

  • novanine9:

    Something about how he introduced the song, almost to himself.

    “Are you lonesome tonight…I am..I mean I was…”

    than as he’s playing with his fingernails, he’s snaps out of it and realizes where he’s at.

  • thechristopher1111:

    i bet elvis wife broke up with him to get money

  • mariefrance912:

    No one will ever compared to Elvis, he’s the best, He’s the King

  • katram11:

    Gamw ta uploads aderfe na sai kala !!

  • Akva77:

    awww :( sad i was 5 months old when he died

  • 1757kars:

    @TataRealMadrid never never

  • 666prep:

    @hesadevil1 get over it

  • TataRealMadrid:


  • 92ladderley:

    I’m glad he could smile in his last performance.

  • hesadevil1:

    it is amazing that we even have to argue about the fact that Elvis was”The King”. and for @qqsomething yes we all know who Rush is and they are all incredible musicians, truly. However, Elvis paved the way by mixing gospel and soul from who you call “the blacks” and the music from what you might call “the whites” to form the first music that would come to be known as Rock, altho im sure someone as narrow minded as urself prolly thinks this is all a big conspiracy so my point is moot,oh well, lol

  • fungtakwong:

    best of the best

  • michiganstopcat:

    @qqsomething He dressed like a clown and blacks were making better music years before the so called King. You can quote all the gray heads and half deads you want but the reality is he wasnt all that. Who the fuck is Leonard Bernstein always? Is what he says considered the end all? There actually is three Kings in the music industry and they all play in the same band and their from Canada. Being a music expert Im sure you know who Im talking about if not ask Ol Leonard.

  • qqsomething:

    @michiganstopcat Leonard Bernstein said “Elvis is the greatest cultural force in the twentieth century. He introduced the beat to everything, music, language, clothes, it’s a whole new social revolution… the 60’s comes from it.”….. you’ll always be a looser comparing to Leonard Bernstein (According to The New York Times, he was “one of the most prodigiously talented and successful musicians in American history), go do some checking and educate yourself, lad, before you ask stupid questions?

  • qqsomething:

    @michiganstopcat Elvis HATED alcohol, in his parties home, during sometimes, it was forbidden to have alcohol in the house. . About the prescription drugs, unfortunately, we can testify here that he was “high” on them…..in the talking part of the song, you can see he’s out of breath many times…but to sing he was never out of breath. Asking your question, ELVIS is the king in music/culture in XX century, he is the second image in the world more reproduced after Mickey Mouse

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