Overdose: The Next Financial Crisis

In times of crisis people seek strong leaders and simple solutions. But what if their solutions are identical to the mistakes that caused the very crisis? This is the story of the greatest economic crisis of our age, the one that awaits us. View full film here: vod.journeyman.tv
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  • Sitavikat21:

    I am truly sad that video like this. What everyone should see and take openminded, gets so less views and a new music vidoe from popstars get million of hits within minutes.

  • sirupdzija:

    wjksea, i think the constructive action for you and me would be to detach from the system. get all the money you’ve got (except the survival income) and invest it strategically, primarily in real estate and I don’t mean fake wooden house with picket fences and a lawn, I mean a real farm and a place with access to fresh drinking water, make it independent from world, produce your own electricity, grow your own food, learn your children to do the same and share with your neighbours.

  • sirupdzija:

    a question: in the vid, one thing is said and taken for granted like it should’ve been that way for a reason. ‘In 2006. interest rates went up’. Why? Who or what raised them? Who or what will raise interest rates which have hit rock bottom?
    If we answer this question, maybe we could point a finger at someone or something to blame.
    I’ve got a feeling banks or some major financial institutions are behind this. Why would a bank raise interest rate?

  • wjksea:

    What’s the message? LIve in fear for some cryptic global crash? Where’s the call for constructive action? This is sensationalized BS

  • LumberjackHands:

    At 10:06 they shoot a big plan of Vernon L. Smith hand with a ring that has a symbol on it. Do someone knows what’s the symbol on that ring?

  • aozora136:

    this video is a 100 times better than Inside Job. and this one is free too!

  • Coteincdr:

    Peter Schiff was right!!!!

  • verday316:

    i love how people are point fingers at obama morans its not his fault the u.s. house of reps (republicans) wont pass his proposals.no but they just want to blame obama yeah with republicans the rich get richer and the poor get poorer the u.s owes to much money were practically fucked because george bush fucked everything up. yeah keep voting republican dumbasses

  • notbestfriends:

    “Every government interference in the economy consists of giving an unearned benefit, extorted by force, to some men at the expense of others” — Ayn Rand

  • mbabist01:

    @Coolguyrob2006 That was true, and it’s STILL illegal! Check your Constitution, FDR and Congress became criminals in seizing private stocks of gold coins.

  • lethologic:

    @Pertemba40 I’m glad you have studied permaculture as this is something extremely valuable today and for the future.
    Why is my stance a big red flag for you?

  • lethologic:

    @Pertemba40 Why don’t you apply critical thinking to the things that effect you most in life, like movies? Surely this is a good time to apply that critical thinking. Please provide examples of me using the “wrong language”. I’m using this comment thread for an exchange of opinions, ideas “whatever”. Don’t get upset.

  • Coolguyrob2006:

    @mbabist01 they were about half a century ago, the federal reserve got rid of the gold standard ages ago

  • Pertemba40:

    @lethologic I do disagree since that’s just a possibility, but no one can really foresee how a collapse might manifest itself, so much we can’t control, it’s anybody’s guess really. And it doesn’t hurt to get skilled, that’s why I studied Permaculture. You take a stance as what you say it is what and how will happen, hmmmm, big red flag for me, again, apply the trivium, and even the quadrivium. :)

  • Pertemba40:

    @lethologic Not attacking me, but projecting your own opinions, ideas, whatever ON me. You’re still using the wrong language….Zeitgeist Addendum was for me a bit of a needle on the side to start researching and paying more attention, it’s been over two years now and all that’s exposed in Addendum is true, I know, forget the VP thing. The activism side of that is something very personal, your decision. I recommend you start applying CRITICAL THINKING before doing anything, use the trivium.

  • lethologic:

    @Pertemba40 Either we transition to a RBE or the global financial collapse causes socio-economic shutdown, forcing us to lose trust in paper money (a stranger with money will be a stranger with nothing), therefore forcing society to develop a RBE. Future transactions will look like this: “here are my resources/skills/trades, where are yours?” If I/you don’t have resources/skills/trades then I/you will be pushed to the edges of society. Does anybody disagree?

  • lethologic:

    @Pertemba40 Easy. I’m not attacking you. I should replace “you” with “we” and “our”. I just think we have to be careful when we watch movies like Zeitgeist. They are extremely hypnotic and force the general audience into a “everything is fucked” attitude instead of looking at what is already available. Those films are like watching a big advert, they even ask us to “join the movement”. Why should we join a movement?

  • Pertemba40:

    @lethologic You’re just assuming things about how I think, you don’t know me, a sign you’re just projecting your own biases and shortcomings on me. Please don’t. First and foremost a shift and consciousness and values need to happen in people before we even get there, hope and optimism are empty words if not based on awareness and knowledge of reality.

  • Pertemba40:

    @lethologic TVP is just an idea, a workable point of view, a flavor given by Mr Fresco for a RBE, decades or generations from now if an RBE should even ever happen, his ideas very well be obsolete by then as new ways and technologies may have developed. I’m for a RBE not necessarily Fresco’s. I highly doubt a RBE is “inevitable” as you claim, not as long as we are within the monetary system and at the will of those who control it.

  • lethologic:

    @Pertemba40 ….to continue. Our priority should be to develop ourselves as skilled, innovative individuals that can offer something unique to current and future demands of the society and environment that we live in today. Don’t waste your days thinking about how to design a city, unless you are a city planner. Are you?

  • lethologic:

    @Pertemba40 Did I criticize RBEs? I’m criticizing the Venus Project. I don’t like the idea of these über-cities that only the select few get to live in, we end up with another (new) kind of class division. The old resources will be overshadowed in a decade, replaced with clean energy, as trend forecasters have predicted. Current city infrastructures will be redeveloped to cope with this change. So a global RBE is inevitable. You don’t have to panic.

  • Pertemba40:

    @lethologic I suggest doing a research on what a RBE is and what truly consist in, instead of just projecting somebody else’s biases and lack of critical thinking.

  • lethologic:

    @Pertemba40 and when you’re done with that, go find the Alex Jones’ interview with Peter Joseph (the maker of Zeitgeist) as he criticizes him for being a utopian socialist – Then ask yourself “would I really like to live in a characterless city, shaped like a flying saucer, in an apartment that looks the same as everyone else’s and smells like a hospital?” …make sure you think for yourselves, get a balanced view, don’t subscribe to the right or the left, beware of doomsayers and saviors alike

  • thegreatmonster:

    how strange, did this Celente guy do couple of movies one after another? His closes are the same in every clip, what a stinky !

  • thegreatmonster:

    @HoneredUnicorn LOL

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