True Story about Djin

Bride has been possessed. The ginie has enter her body. The spirit talk & at last converted to Muslim. It was realy scary. This is real story not as like others around. Islamic Exorcism In Malaysia Exorcisms are not to be taken lightly. Besides the tools of the exorcist one must consider the spiritual readiness of the exorciser and his team. Exorcism is not a parlor game. It is tough spiritual warfare with the powers of evil. It is a battle that one can not afford to loose. Do not try this at home. Get a genuine servant of Allah. “Exorcism” in Islam signifies ridding the human body of jinn possession by means of using halal (permissible) means. The halal means centre around ruqya and it essentially involves reciting the Quran in the presence of the possessed person. There are ahadith (pluaral of hadith) which prove that Muhammad did perform “exorcisms” – ie rid human beings suffering from jinn possession and the use of ruqya (Quranic recitations) is not confined to getting rid of jinn but also to heal other ailments. It may be noted that the exorcism experiences reported after some moments of recitation of the Quran, the possessed human begins to talk in a very different voice and often scary voice (eg possessed girl starting to speak in a different language or a very hoarse female voice when the female jinn starts speaking). The recitation of the Quran troubles and burns the jinn possessing the body and so they start “coming clean” so to speak in an attempt to stop the
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  • ehthesham8462:

    @avrambrankovich you sure about that hu go to a muslim contry and see if u can live by urself in the wild without no belive for even 2days

  • kejorafall:

    @avrambrankovich bullcrap

  • ironicdevil666:

    this is in stipri Brunei, not Malaysia -.-

  • hzqhassan:

    Any soul or djin CANNOT possess any body…. there is no evidence of it in Quran or Sunnah, or infact in any TRUE Islamic scripture. This girl is just plain crazy and her parents don’t want to admit it..

  • Farashah101:

    i know a real amil called kureshii his number is I know a real amil who get rid of black magic his number is +447835023058(07835023058) i tink his email is im not sure the email is correct.

    he cured my father mashallah so im passing this number out to help people

  • uwon100:

    plz dont make a fun , its 100% real i have seen some cases my self like this , may god always protect us from evil.

  • nilesh4018:

    oscar winning performance…….. !!!!!! big applause for her please!!!!

  • avrambrankovich:

    @HeavenChildHappy HAHHAH get back into your small cage please. who the fuck let you out? ­čśÇ

  • HeavenChildHappy:


    the loser satan’s plan for those who are not good enough to make his ass win more souls and not invited to be celebrities


    santana admits music is satanic meant to satanically change the souls of fans watch?v=V-K3lLeiwdU

    bob dylan admit cant stop making music cuz the loser satan wants the souls of his fans watch?v=IqvvOD4bdRs

    depressed eminm sharing his misery watch?v=WfX5GEBBwZg

    celebrities admit fame is from the devil watch?v=rmSIRAw49dU

  • HeavenChildHappy:


    katty pery snop hog the retard eminmm the loser konya wost all admit they sold their souls to the heaven-banned fallen animal named lucifer/iblis in arabic that i spit on to be famous and get signed to music record labels


    more than 50 demon possessed american popular celebrities admitting to have sold their souls to the devil for fame channeling spirits working on demon possessing their fans etc


  • HeavenChildHappy:

    so many demon possessed losers these days lol hell will be so filled lol the demon possessed celebrities are indeed doing their job :))))))))


    glory to Yahweh forever amen :))))))))))

  • HeavenChildHappy:


    says the demon possessed loser. the only difference between her and you is that her will was strong enough that she wanted out of demon possession unlike your demon possessed submissive sorry ass in total submission to your demon possession :))

    if your will is not strong enough to want out then of course u will not afford to go see an exorcist :)) but u will afford to write the crap u wrote so i will puinish u properly by shoving something cool in ur demon possessed mouth

  • faheemah786:

    @paga123456789 Only the name of god can and only if god wills it to be!

  • avrambrankovich:

    see what belief systems do to human mind wish she knew or could be convinced that its her own delusion that drives her mad because of the doctrines she was led to believe. djinn, demon whatever you name them she became haunted by the taboo or unknown its all in her mind and should treated medically.

  • SuperThreptin:


  • paga123456789:


  • TheNeonAngel:

    @dryhtguma76 …no they dont u friggin fool….

  • becharev:

    It┬┤s not a´╗┐ jinn, it┬┤s the result of consanguinity.
    Cousin to cousin marriages are common in the muslim world. It is asking for trouble.This is the “village idiot” of the early Western world, eliminated in civilized´╗┐ countries by the advent of the railroad.The hospitals and psychiatric wards in muslim immigrant ghetto areas in Sweden, Denmark´╗┐ and the UK are full of “jinns” and patients with serious physical defects. When told it is a result of inbreeding, family members refuse to believe it .

  • weepingod:

    I’m gonna try this at home!

  • HowYouGetShitDoneTV:

    @phenominalspirit SHUT. THE. FUCK. UP. maybe if you douche bags cleaned the towels on your head, we would be fine around you.

  • MrGayhunter94:

    this the scariest thing ive ever thing ive ever saw how did i end up here fuck that shit

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  • AllamaQuarashi:

    Check out my channel for a cure to stop black magic and jinns

  • DeathKnightPrime:


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