RedCat Racings New Electric Prototype Buggy

Check it out what we are upto. This is what coming next to you. There is nothing much to say that this Stock electric 1/8 Scale brushless buggy comes pre equipped with everything that you need to beat others on track if you know how to control this power in your hands. You might wanna book aone prior to release. this is something you don’t wanna miss ;D Comments feedback welcome at Don’t forget to check, http racing and Cheers
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  • plasmaedg3:

    WOW, now im assuming that this buggy has a centre diff. ??

    If so then this mst have some serious power to pop wheelies and still spin the front tyres round this fast. I mean, look at 1:50 a centre diff. is supposed to eliminate wheelies but WOW

  • alishanmao:

    @ayouden yes you can

  • ayouden:

    @alishanmao can u get better ESC to accommodate for the dual 11.1v??

  • mahomieg:

    u should do some vids on stadium trucks

  • alishanmao:

    @piccalocb it will burn the ESC with dual 11.1v in few seconds :D we tried it :) it went fast like a rocket and ESC friend in 30 Seconds. But those 30 Seconds were the fastest buggy ever hehehehe

  • piccalocb:

    Geez, I wonder how this thing performs with the duel 11.1 batteries….. Not too many R/C out there that could accomodate a duel setup that I know.. Or could I be wrong?

  • DifficultyisEasy:

    Thumbs up if you’re the 6666 viewer. : )

  • Farlokk:

    Yeah, I want to make a dragrace video against my other 1/8 nitro car, you know, as F&F style: ” I live my life a quarter mile, at time” :-)

  • alishanmao:

    welcome, looking forward to seeing your reviews.

  • Farlokk:

    I’ve just bought one of those, because I was looking for a cheap but fast 1/8 car (1/10 and above are just expensive toys) and at the end, I’ve choosen for this. I hope I will have fun with that.
    You will read my final review within a month, I will tell you if I’ve spent good or bad money for this car. I believe anyway, I won’t be disappointed. Regards!

  • jolly73:

    Electric owns in speed and power.

  • alishanmao:

    Buggy is online for sale. Check redcatracing com look for 1/8 scale electric brushless and you will see BackDraft 8E :D the lethal one. I got one here. soon you will see teaser and running videos.

  • omgplzdonttellme:

    holy shit!!!! it pops wheelies!!!!!! y cant a shockwave pop a wheelie!!! i wish would be like $100 but that will never happen

  • alishanmao:

    I am hoping that too :)

  • 7paul7paul7:

    i hope its under 500 bucks

  • alishanmao:

    well as mentioned before, I am at the moment completely packed n ready to move to my newly rented apartment so I can start working for RedCat Full time. As soon as the moving is done, I will sure do videos n reviews on many other RedCats. At the moment I can tell ya its a good electric car. but hey, why not wait up for the upcoming twin lipoly Lethal buggy that you saw in prototype test videos. :D

  • redshane19:

    I was looking at buying that new redcat brushless vortex do you no if its anygood, and are you going to make a video of it? thanks

  • alishanmao:

    keep in touch with me at alishanmao@gmail com n keep checking redcat racing site.

  • popboybn:

    when does this come out im looking to buy one do you know the price range?

  • kill3rsoda:

    i would gladly accept one of these if you wish to donate one to the M.E. orginization lol

  • hpitrophy:

    yeah true i cant wait till i get my money :) im on holiday now spending what ive saved haha

  • alishanmao:

    Well That is a good decision, son and dad racing together :) well Still did not have chance to put my hands onto an on road car. but if there is a nitro engine, all the same principles applies to it that we have for trucks n buggies or truggies. Cheers

  • hpitrophy:

    ohh ok im not going for a micro rc now im going for a nitro onroad to race with my dad when he goes to his track i can go too :) im sick of going threw servo after servo my dad has had his nitro car for 8 years and he hasnt broke a thing only thing he has broke is the fuel tank, sper gear, lost a esaust screw got any tips on a onroad car?

  • alishanmao:

    Well we have plenty of these spaces around. Its just recently I started driving around to find places before we were always at one place n i got bored of that.

  • hpitrophy:

    cool, cool i might go get a micro rc car they look fun lol might go for a 18 or 24th scale and how do you come up with all these places i know derby (the place i live) like the back of my hand and there is nowere apart from my local track and its illigal to have them there =- stupid bmx riders ( lol i used to be one) im only jokeing by the way riders

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