Death Cab For Cutie – You Can Do Better Than Me

Lyrics: I’m starting to feel We stay together Out of fear Of dying alone I’ve been slipping through the years And my old clothes don’t fit like They once did So they hang like ghosts Of the people I’ve been But it’s like my heart can’t be tamed And I fall in love everyday And I feel like a fool I have to face the truth That no one could ever look at me Like you do Like I’m something worth Holding to There’s times I think of leaving But it’s something I’ll never do ‘Cause you can do better than me But I can’t do better than you You can do better than me But I can’t do better than you
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  • jthundercat23:

    if i were death cab, or lupe fiasco i would cash in on twilight too!!! calling them sell outs or anything is stupid they are just making money and making music like always. if twilight execs came to me and told me to make a song for a boatload of cash for the movies i would be like hell yah! and i would make the most mediocre crap i could. like the equinox song.

  • MysticTomatoMusic:

    @rosiennan FUCK YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • 95blackmirror:

    @Nukleurfire the tracks blend into eachother

  • lizziedoll456:

    2 people couldn’t do better than him.

  • rosiennan:

    Oh my fucking god, Death Cab never fucking dwells on or draws inspiration from Twilight motherfucking ever and I’m sure they’d skull fuck whoever says so.

  • LovingYouEndlessly:

    @mistabon3z -_- why is everyone arguing over like every song on youtube thats in a movie whether or not they knew the song before the movie or if the song was made for some movie and people dont like it.. does it matter either way? the song came out good .. you like their music.. thats great but everyone has to discover their music somewhere be happy for the band, their getting their name out there :) its good no matter what.

  • anyastar:

    @fkthlf …traps most of us and tricks us into being miserable for most of our lives.

  • anyastar:

    @fkthlf …to cultivate any other sort of career. A service job, sure — but not a job off which one can live well. Bands that don’t make money off their music don’t get to pay the bills. The point is that you’re asking bands to live up to the ideal of the poor, starving artist (which is romantic in abstract, but terrible in reality) because you’ve decided that there’s something wrong with success, that passion and success are fundamentally at odds. And that’s the insidious lie that…

  • anyastar:

    @fkthlf Any band who releases albums for sale or goes on tour and charges for tickets cares, to at least some extent, about making money. That doesn’t mean that they don’t love music, or that they aren’t putting their hearts into what they play; it just means that they’re making a career out of what they love, which is something few of us are blessed enough to be able to do. Beyond that, the level of commitment it takes to be in a professional band precludes one’s ability…

  • boobies51609:

    great great music !

  • webcreeper2002:

    well i couldnt hear anything from any song in the beginning of title and registration, but its possible, as in the track listing, thats the order it goes in [tracks 2 and 3]

  • LaomiLarkin:

    @webcreeper2002 also I think it’s the end of Lightness that leads into Title & Registration(correct me if I’m wrong),with a little sound I picked up when I was listening one night.

  • Easycoreissexy:

    @ILikeWafflz haha, i love how people hear one song by these guys and associate them with bad movies

  • kylemiles11:

    It is just amazing! Death cab is my favorite band! I just look at Plans and Then Narrow Stairs and I just think Plans is better! I love this song! Thumbs up if you like Death Cab For Cutie!

  • INF3darkgreen:

    hey ILikeWafflz, thanks for putting all these great death cab songs up, btw!

  • luquitas890:

    @kataang222 is beach boys!!!!

  • thatxgirlxinxthere:

    i feel like death cab sings my life

  • deepblueseax:

    @claracrazy2008 this song wasn’t in Twilight…idiot.

  • kataang222:

    aww it feels like my bf is singing this to me. i know this is wht he feels in his heart cause he tellls me i can do better then him. i love this song

  • Pengu975:

    Or how girls feel about guys. My ex just sent me this link

  • punkmolly:


  • webcreeper2002:

    yeah cos they recorded this entire album at once, i think. and so the end of one song usually shows traces of the beginning of another. like on ‘transatlanticsm’ where the end of Tiny Vessels transitioned to Transatlanticism. I think its a beautiful flow when you listen to the album track by rtack without stopping.

  • fkthlf:

    @anyastar If you really like music you play with your heart, you don’t give a shit about money.. all you wanna do is play what you feel… at least thats what i think about music.. Just shut up you probably don’t even play an instrument…

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