LA Ghostbusters Episode 5: The Ouija Board

LA Ghostbusters try out a Ouija board, You be the judge.
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5 Responses to “LA Ghostbusters Episode 5: The Ouija Board”

  • SmokeCheck4:

    @concernedagain haha the music is so funny they play on the best parts its awesome


    To make sure no one is just subconsciously moving it ,blind fold all participants and only let the cameraman see what’s happening(silently) until all the questions have been answered.

  • concernedagain:

    that fucking music :) lol

  • LAGhostbusters:

    @Goose122194 Well the thing is, our house is already haunted. So we were trying to communicate with whatever spirit was here.

  • Goose122194:

    This might sound crazy, but when i do the ouija board i go to somplace haunted. You get it to move faster and they dont mind if you have a jesus ring on…lol! I cant believe you did it in your garage! Thats bad news dude. I hope you said goodbye or crazy shits going to go down in your garage…lol! Thats why i go somewhere else than my house.

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