Part1_The Haunted Jefferson Hotel in Texas – Ghost Hunting – This video can be seen in high quality on our website. Here’s a video I put together of the trip Jentri and I took to Jefferson, Texas. We stayed at the Jefferson Hotel. Someday when we are old and grey I would love to retire and buy an Air Stream and travel all over searching for the paranormal. This was our first Ghost hunt. There is a picture you will see in this footage that appears to be an Orb. It just appeared in the shot! It was taken at the Excelsior House hotel. We weren’t even supposed to be back in this area. I snapped several shots before I was asked to leave by the hotel manager. I’ve had this camera for over a year and have never seen anything like this. It’s not a dust particle. This is the hotel that Steven Spielberg was said to run out of in the middle of the night because he set his briefcase on a rocking chair and it was literally thrown from the chair for no apparent reason. This was during the filming of Poltergeist. He ended up rounding his crew and headed to Marshall Texas to stay the night. Enjoy the vid! -Shad Chancey
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  • Panchee123:

    we are going there on the 16th of October

  • jAmAiCaNsPiDeRmAn:

    was the orb at 5:39?

    oh, comment time :) about 7 years ago, i went to jefferson and stayed in the same room as you, 22. i got multiple shots of orb(s) in there. stuff happened during the night (like being awoken by children running upstairs at 3 in the morning and growling wardrobes). anyways, i fell in love with the town. about a year later, i moved there. i’ve lived here in jefferson for a few years, and i have quite a few stories. that mirror at 7:55? i have a picture with a face in it O.o

  • theifoncross:

    Check out the 7th Day Adventist cemetary outside of town in the area called Berea. I have no idea if it is still there or not, but there used to be a mobile home right next to it. There is a story in my family that my uncle and aunt used to live in it. Not long after they moved in, they were getting ready to get into bed. All of a sudden, from nowhere a voice yells ‘GET OUT”. They left right away and didn’t even pack or go back after their stuff.
    My uncle is now buried in that cemetary.

  • goat45:

    PART 2 was deleted because the sound was removed. You can watch this documentary & our other investigations in high quality FREE on our website. Cheers! W W W . A E T H E R P A R A N O R M A L . C O M

  • goat45:

    PART 2 was deleted because the sound was removed. You can watch this documentary & our other investigations in high quality FREE on our website. Cheers!

  • CrimsonSun17:

    Wheres part 2?

  • CrimsonSun17:

    …HOT =]

  • pasionxrock:

    Yo this girl is hot :D!

  • carter3fan:

    I live here in jefferson and its pretty boring but there are some crazy spooky things that happen in some of our historic buildings.

  • BlondeAsASock:

    O_o Cool! Have ya posted em somewhere like photobucket or deviant art???

  • ladyyymadonna:

    I went to Jefferson a few years back. Nice litle town. Went on the ghost walk at night and visisted the Schleuter home – Actually have some pictures I took, you can see faces in the window!

  • ChurchesAblaze:

    Im a frequent visitor of jefferson and the excelcior is def the way to go preferably room 215 the 1 spielberg was chased out of not 4 the thrown luggage by the way though that did happen what got him was the little boy tugging his foot telling him to get up 4 breakfast! Ill have the room to myself 4 two nights in 3 weeks BRING IT ON

  • ram75951:

    My husband rents the entire hotel once a year for my birthday. So my friends and I can ghost hunt all weekend. We have caught some amazing evps and pics. We have all had a lot of personal experiences. The most haunted room is supose to be 19 but I am only freaked out by room 10. I will not go on there by myself. I love Jefferson Texas. That is where my heart is.

  • CodyMcPeek:

    I stayed there a few years back b/c i heard it was haunted. We heard some noises at night, which can be dismissed. But there was one incident where our bathroom door got locked with me inside. I thought my brother was holdin the door shut but he wasn’t. I turned the lock back and forth and the knob wouldn’t even turn a centimeter. They had to come and take the door of the hinges. Lol. It was great.

  • JoyousinJesus:

    We had an hour long K2 Meter session with a female ghost who had thrown herself off a building near the Jefferson Hotel. I filmed it and put it on my page. I love Jefferson, Texas!

  • connor0cawood:

    I live in Jefferson.
    Thanks for scaring the crap out of me.

  • noteuallsuck:

    my teacher from last year lives in jefferson but teaches in longview… she has a breakfest in bed on her ranch and there is proof of her house being haunted…. in the guest room in the window there is the name of a young women inscripted in the window…. she inscripted it with her weding ring witch later that night is wat caused her death

  • DeznFreddy:

    I Have stayed in this hotel in hopes of seeing something. We did not see much while we were there…. however when we got home and uploaded the pictures to the computer we saw some really wierd shit. I found it a great place though, Lindsay at the front desk is also very informative. Great town for a great thrill….

  • LairdNicole1985:

    yea, steven speilberg ran not only cuz it mysteriously threw itself… it was because it mysteriously was thrown off the rocker in the middle of the night when he was sleeping, it had been sitting there for a good while… he packed up his entire crew and left to go to the super 8 or hotel 6 or somethin like that.. amusing, but truthfully the excelsior is way more haunted than the jefferson, i know from experience of both…

  • golferdude5455:

    lol I live in jefferson it realy is a cool hotel

  • srodriguez1981:

    I went a few years back with two of my friends. We ended up bring something back with us. Things moved in my friends room, silver ware moving around by itself, something running on the roof, things being turned on by itself and orbs in the house when we never had any. We got great pics of a dark figure, a bust of a boy coming out of the wall and a 3 light-ball figure at the top of the stairs. She moved to another house and everything stopped. The crazy thing is all the pics disappeared too.

  • DictatorOfWaR:

    I find this all very fascinating. I hope you keep up your paranormal research…

  • camarokaty68:

    i live in a town about 45 min from jefferson, and we have heard tons about hauntings, i don’t know every little detail. I know that a lot has happened in the Jefferson Hotel right above the resturant Lamaches. But I love Jefferson and I am getting married there in 2010!!! It truely is a very interesting little town, if you are really into ghost and all also check out Natchitoches, Louisiana. The Breazeale house is supposed to be very haunted

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