SHOCKING JIN GHOST VIDEO!!!!!! exorcism in ISLAM!!!!!!!!

Here is a shocking video its really scary and i got nightmares after i saw it pleeeeez comment
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  • free2bballin:

    If a jin was really in him, then why does he have a shadow in this video? -.-

  • Trolling4You2:

    so fake. i think that guy needs to take some beano before eating his beans.

  • myrook1:


  • lonelyrash1:

    @MrHope1001 no they exist and they are in our world but they wont harm us or cause anything scary or inside and all the demons,ghosts,jins,devils are afraid of humans and you are right this is not real they are trying to scare people

  • MordechayAriely:

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  • 850Nexus:

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  • FatReleaseSystem:

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  • PhearRyzin:

    Dont do drugs!

  • PRoDiiGYox:


  • albanero:

    Is this for real haha…this must be a joke right!? Fucking bullshit

  • ferrofuehrt:

    La ilaha il lahu
    All things are ALLAHs things

  • Plagueis1017:

    @muhdace if only all people of all religions could think like this. then maybe the one true gods of all the seperate religions wouldnt have their names drenched in blood.

  • Anet000:

    @PleasureTV could you tell me more, please, im interested in it

  • PleasureTV:

    People belive they are devils,jins,fallen angels, but in reality they are those who come in a form of light to Our Earth (UFO)

  • DoUbLeMiNdEd:

    People do not have to follow a religion, to be able to know how to love, be patient, peaceful and compassionate. You do not have to believe in any God to be able to do this, and IF there is any God of some sort, as long as you are giving love and are peaceful and compassionate, I am sure they’d be satisfied. Because if not, then every God out there that may excist is an asshole.

  • Aniah888:

    @FireSign27 Thank you for your explaination.

  • FireSign27:

    @Aniah888 Islamic doctrine is that God created Angels, Jin (Demons i suppose), and Humans. The Jin live with us on Earth, but are made out of a smokeless fire (while we’re made from mud/clay). We can’t see the Jin, but they can see us. Theres plenty of stories about Jin, some say they can possess people. The ‘Ghost’ in the vid is apparently a Jin who has possessed the man, and the Imam is reciting the Quran to exorcise the Jin from the man….

  • Aniah888:

    Can you please stop arguing and show me where the ghost is on this video.

  • wwwtotalitaerde:

    Anneliese Michel was being brainwashed and steered by the German BND which is the renamed GESTAPO. Check out my channel and homepage. The aim was to make religion appear dangerous or ridiculous. In the first half of 2010 3 Bishops had been thrown out because of cases constructed by the German secret services. At this time they are after the fourth. Todays Germany is worse than any communist state ever was. There are also rumours that one Bishop was assassinated a few years ago.

  • Thoughtland:

    All I saw was some poor man that probably has mental health problems

  • MrEnver2:

    My dear brothers,don’t worry
    Allah has made children of Light and children of Fire.
    Just let them swear and hate,don’t forget the hell has to be filled!!
    For us ,it is important to love and be patience and be peacefull.
    Soon they will know their Lord,only thing we have to do is pray and wait..

  • YouAreHereification:

    is this a joke? lol all i see is bad acting.

  • Ipunchbeezintheface:


  • Chickyy05:


  • Afraid0fGhosts:

    The ghost was trapped on his rolls of fat

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